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Miami inspired home decor

Miami Motif: Home Decor

As you all know, I graduated a few weeks ago. It made the most sense to stay at home with the family, but that time will…

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Real Life Glam
female empowerment, Jayna Brown, Michelle Obama, Franchesca Ramsey, and More

Magic Moments: Michelle Obama, Jayna Brown, and More

We could all use a little bit of magic in our lives. So, we’ve create…

Draya Michele of Mint Swim, Mint Swim, Miami Swim Week, Mint Swim at Miami Swim Week, Who is Dray Michele, Draya Michele interviews, latest Draya Michele interviews, Draya Michele basketball wives, Draya Michele reality tv star

Draya Michele of Mint Swim

For our latest installment of Real Life Glam, we had the pleasure of chatti…

black power fist, how to effect social change as a black person

To All the People Who Wanted to Call in Black This Week

Being Black in America is hard. It’s one of those sad little facts mo…


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