15 Tips To Help You Juggle Your Day Job And Side Hustle

Last week we shared 7 tips to help juggle your day job and side hustle. And now we’re sharing 8 more! If you need a Check out part 2 up on the blog by clicking the link in our bio. Here are the other 8 for a total of 15 tips.

  1. Create a schedule
  2. Use tools that are meant to make your life easier
  3. Delegate, delegate, delegate
  4. Create a space that is just for work
  5. Learn when to say no
  6. Know when to take a break and be present for your loved ones
  7. Set aside some time for yourself

And for the remaining tips, keep on reading!

day job and side hustle

8. Just do it

I am guilty of analysis paralysis. I’ll think of everything that needs to get done before I start a project and create this massive checklist that is absolutely daunting. Whenever I do this, I end up psyching myself out and not knowing where to start. Don’t be like me! When it comes to your passion project, create a brief to-do list if you must and then just get to it! The best way to juggle your day job and passion project is to just do it. You have to have grit. It’s not going to be easy. But it can be done. Commit to your passion!

9. Have accountability partners

The best way to keep you honest when it comes to creating time for your side hustle is to have at least one accountability partner. Writing in particularly can be a particularly isolating task, but when you create a community of other people who are trying to achieve the same goal as you, it will help to keep you on task. Sometimes having someone who just knows about your plan will encourage you to the stay the course.

10. Count on your tribe

In that same vein, be sure to count on your tribe. Sometimes you need someone to watch the kids, your dog, run a quick errand for you, whatever. The people around you love and support you and want to see you win. There’s comfort in knowing that you can have people around you to help you pick up the slack. And if you’ve been doing what I mentioned in tip #6, then when you reach out to your friend and family for the inevitable favor, it won’t seem as if you’re coming out of left field.

11. Try to find a day job that aligns with your passion

This isn’t always feasible, but if you can, find a job that aligns with your passion. I’m blessed enough to have a day job that allows me to work in digital marketing and learn skills that I can apply to both Daily Ellement and our book. If you can, find something that doesn’t make it feel like you’re wasting your day while waiting for you side-gig to get to a place that makes you comfortable.  

12. Set realistic goals for yourself

This is something else that I struggle with. I have lofty goals for myself. Most ambitious people do. But are they always feasible? Not always. For instance, a goal of writing 50 quality blog posts in a 3-day span of time most likely won’t come to pass, but a goal of 5 posts in one week might. Set goals within a timeline that makes sense for all of your other commitments. One of the things that I’ve learned to do is break down my goals into tiers: bare minimum goals, attainable goals, and stretch goals.

13. Stay motivated

One of the hardest things about juggling a day job and side hustle is staying motivated. Sometimes you get tired and the spark is gone. But with everything that matters, you have to continue to put forth the effort. So many times we give up right when we’re on the verge of a major breakthrough. Just keep pushing through! And if you need a little bit of help to stay the course, reach out to your accountability partners for those words of encouragement. And if it helps, create a vision board that helps you to always envision your ultimate goal.

14. Remember to be grateful

Yes, you’re juggling your day job and side hustle. And yes there are days when you just don’t know where your energy to continue hustling will come from. But be grateful! An attitude of gratitude can really help you to keep things in perspective. This is something that I’m always sure to remind myself. My day job helps me to pay my bills and to help my family. Without it, I would be in a world of trouble! And while my passion for juggling passion with duty might not always blaze with the energy of a million suns, there’s no denying that it’s a blessing to be able to do so. Not everyone has the opportunity to have one job, let alone time to focus on something else that helps fulfill all of your dreams.

15. Bonus: If you can, be honest about your passion project at your day job

This isn’t for everyone but if you’re able to tie in your passion project with your day job, do it! Sometimes it can feel like you’re sneaking around doing something sinister when you juggle a day job and side hustle. However, if you’re able to have an honest conversation with your boss and let them know that you have a passion project — do it. Once I was signed with an agent, I decided to mention to my boss that Maritza and I are working on a project. I explained that I only work on it during my own time but I was so excited about that major step of representation that I had to share.

Not only was my boss understanding, she was excited! And when Maritza and I got news that This Just In was going to be published, I was able to share my excitement with my boss and coworkers and I know that they were genuinely happy for me. I think it’s ideal when you’re able to walk fully in your purpose with those around you, but again, take this advice with a grain of salt. You know your boss better than I do. If you don’t think he or she will understand, then mums the word — for now.

There you have it! 15 tips to help you juggle your day job and side hustle. Do you have any other tips you want to share?

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