5 YouTubers That You’ll Love!

So, I’m really lazy and I haven’t created a personal Youtube account because it seems like such a huge commitment in my head for some reason, plus I didn’t want to have to remember another password  …I’m lazy. It’s pretty funny actually because instead of just subscribing to channels, I have to remember random user names. And apparently something happened with Youtube and Google like six years ago and my Gmail account remembers and recommends me to watch different videos to watch based on what I’ve previously viewed. Big Brother is Watching Us. Take a gander at a few of my Gmail suggestions/Youtube-ers I’ve watched before:

1. BritPopPrincess

Patricia Insert-Nigerian-Name-Here-But-Wait-She-Got-Married-And-I-Think-Changed-Her-Last-Name is amazing! Start with her beautiful wedding video — I love that her ceremony and reception  incorporated both of her cultures (Nigerian and British)

and her “Five Days in my Work Wardrobe”  video makes me want to get a real job so I can dress like that.

2. Shirley B. Engiang (Meek-n-Mild)

I like to pretend that we’re friends in my head. I hope that didn’t sound too creepy.

Another British chick with fashion sense, Shirley also has a very popular blog, Meek  n – Mild which is like an extension of her Youtube. She talks fashion and beauty and I love that what she wears is very accessible to the student budget (as she is one… a math major at “uni”). The majority of her hauls appear to feature items from Zara, Top Shop, Forever 21, H&M and Primark (Europe’s F21) but she always looks creative and unique— characteristics we can easily lose when many of our purchases are from the same places.

3.  Fabulosityisme

She’s awesome! She’s just so dern pretty! Er… “Fabulosity” does her own hair and can seemingly rock any style. She touches on her personal style at times but her audience is definitely coming for her tutorials. Plus, I want super long, straight hair whenever I watch her videos… That’s definitely a good thing.

4. NiaSays

She’s really cool. She has a nose ring and half her head is shaved à la Cassie. Oh and she’s a law student living in –you guessed it- London, England.

Her current closet obsessions are my current closet obsessions:

Nia touches upon facial waxing here. We’re real up in these streets!

5. SoTotallyVlog

Beauty and Fashion and Blah, Blah, Blah. Love the tag line.

I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll be using these videos tips in a few months (more on this to come)!


Whelps. I think it’s safe to say that I’m a total anglophile minus that whole colonialism thing. Or, Youtube is simply under the impression that I’m a British girl by way of Nigeria or Ghana who is obsessed with weave and hair removal. That’s fine.

rawr, Maritza.

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  1. Wow! Happy to see my favourite YouTubers in this list.
    2 Youtubers are new to me and I am gonna follow them too 🙂


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