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6 Black Girl Friendly Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost here! And the only thing more exciting than eating my weight in mini Butterfingers is dressing up as someone that I’ve always wanted to be. Not surprisingly, however, it’s a little difficult trying to find an appropriate costume and one that makes a statement. To be honest, it’s also hard to find a costume as a Black woman.

After some intense procrastinating searching, here are some costume choices that may make dressing up for all hallows eve a bit easier (and that you’ll inevitably see tonight). Enjoy!

1. Princess Tiana

At one time or another, I think almost every little girl has wanted to be a princess. Finally, being a princess can be a little less awkward (let’s be honest!) and still super cute for Black little girls and women alike!

tiana final

2. Susie from Rugrats

I don’t trust people whose favorite member of the Rugrats isn’t Susie. She was smart, well-behaved, and kept that meanie Angelica on her toes! Last year, Glee star Naya Rivera dressed up as the terrific tot for Halloween.

[No Australia, No New Zealand] Glee Cast gets in the Halloween Spirit at Voyeur Nightclub

3. TLC

Like everyone else in the Western hemisphere, I was ecstatic when I heard about the TLC biopic VH1 aired. In light of the popularity of that and just because TLC’s awesome, here are three options for awesome costumes.


Expected caption with the words Crazy, Sexy, Cool in it.

4. Storm from X-Men

Who wouldn’t want to be Halle Barry? I thought so.


Leather body suits never looked so good.

5. Olivia Pope

Dressing up as the best dressed woman in America for Halloween is no small feat. Either of these two options would scream, “If you want me, earn me!” or a series of other memorable and scandalous quotes.

scandal this resize
All you’re missing is a wine glass, then you’re set!

6. Salt N Pepa

I clearly have a thing for Spandex and music. Oooh baby, baby!

salt-n-pepper-1987 resize

Can you think of anymore Black girl friendly Halloween costumes? What or who will you go trick or treating/partying as this year? Let us know in the comments! P.S. You can also see our Halloween pictures on GLB’s Instagram!


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    1. This made our day! Thanks for commenting, Cassandra. We hope your daughter has a great time as Tiana this year! 🙂

  1. You have no idea how much this means!!!!!!!
    I’m going to a Halloween party for the first time in my life. I don’t usually even acknowledge Halloween so, I’ve probably only dressed up (for school) three times in 24 years. Can you please please show us exactly how to put these costumes together??? The ideas are all great but how do we execute them, for instance If I want to dress up as Olivia Pope or Tionne from TLC, what will I need to create those looks?

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