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How to Get Out of Your Head and Fight Anxiety

It’s one of the worst places to be. It’s one part dark cellar, one part airless room, and another part bottomless pit with no end in sight. What’s even more terrible is that it’s all taking place in your mind. Anxiety is the worst. Some days are better than others of course, but other times, …

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Everything Everything movie

Five Reasons You Should Watch “Everything, Everything”

“Everything, Everything” is everything to me. My sisters and I had a girls’ weekend and watched the recently released movie together. When the credits rolled and the lights came on, I felt an intense wave of pride, sadness, and hope wash over me. I’ll explain why in the first reason you should watch this gorgeous …

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Banana Sorbet

How to Make Banana Sorbet in Three Easy Steps

Our story begins harmlessly enough. Girl googles “sugar addiction” and eventually falls down a rabbit hole of diabetes, sugar substitutes, and cocaine. Seriously, isn’t it insane that ‘sugar-is-more-addictive-than-cocaine’ is the internet’s dominant analogy to describe people’s relationship with the white (sweet) stuff? I thought I would be writing a hopeful report about trying something new and …

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Inspirational Celebrity Instagram Accounts, Tracee Ellis Ross, Black girl magic

Inspirational Celebrity Instagram Accounts

Instagram is good for many things: keeping up with loved ones, searching hashtags for inspiration, and obsessing over your favorite celebrities’ latest uploads. Some entertainers like to use their sizable platforms to encourage their followers. These are my go-to inspirational celebrity Instagram accounts for positivity: Tia Mowry Come for the #FBF of vintage Tia and Tamera …

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