Back to School: Fall Fashion

It’s almost back to school time and you know what that means – back to school fashion! We’ve picked out some of our favorite fall trends to try out and you can check ’em out below. And don’t worry; there are no 4-inch Mary Janes or anything not really sensible for school.


Back to School: Shimmery Metallics

There’s nothing like a chic blazer to help make any outfit look polished and neat. This fall is all about shimmery metallics and this blazer is it. Since it’s the focal point of this outfit, I thought I’d keep it simple. I don’t know about you, but simple is always better for me when it comes to school outfits, especially when you have an early morning class.

P.S. This blazer is way out of my price range, but a girl can dream right?



Back to School: Blue, Sensible Shoes

I love the color blue and this shade totally reminds me of Sailor Mercury – my favorite Sailor Scout ever! Anyway, back to the outfit. When I’m not trying to channel the Mary-Kate and Ashley bo-homeless look, I like being put together. This ensemble is super easy and there’s not much thinking that really has to go into it (all blue on top + all black on bottom = no problem). And that sounds perfect for the days you have to drag yourself out of bed and look decent.



Back to School: Emerald-ish

Since Maritza has decided to bring up the awesomeness that is Sailor Moon this is the perfect opportunity to state that my fave Scout was of course, Sailor Jupiter. Maybe I was thinking of her as well when I picked out this bright jewel toned sweater to style my outfit around. Emerald is right on trend. In fact, the world-renowned authority on color, Pantone, recently named emerald The Color of the Year. Even though I can only wear something like this for about the first month of school before I have to bundle up from the ice box that is Clinton, New York, I like to play up my “good weather” fashion when I have the chance.



Back to School: Grungy

I never thought that I would be down to wear overalls at the age of 18 in the year 2013 but here I am. It is all about overalls. I was watching a fashion segment on E! News and saw a stylist discussing the resurgence of the trend. At first, I was completely against it but after seeing the four ways she styled the looks, I have to say I’m a convert. Here is my interpretation of the dungaree craze. Oh, and with the cat crop top, kitty ring, and leopard print Keds, this outfit has meow all over it! (Note: the cheesiness was intentional, I promise.)

What’s your favorite fall trend?

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