Back to the Books and B*tch Bad

Hello world!

I’m back at school in the lovely North East and loving every moment of it! So far, I’ve successfully added two of the courses I wanted, had fantastic orientees (Hot Pink team 30, yeah!!!) and overall I’m having an amazing time.

Orientation Leaders, back to school, cool kids

We are some Kool Kollege Kids, huh?

During the very limited down time that I do have this week, my friends and I have been catching up and talking about all things music. More specifically, Lupe Fiasco’s new (soon to be, if not already hit) and controversial song “Bitch Bad.”

I like the message behind the song, I mean who wouldn’t? Society is really contradictory in its stances regarding how men and women, especially how people of color, should act. I just wonder if there will ever be a time when the big bad “N word” will be seen in the same way.

Something that I learned in my Women’s Studies Feminist Thought class was that people can “reclaim” whatever word they want, but once the word is used against them by a dominant group, they’ll lose whatever power they felt from it. (Read: girls calling one another bitches all the time, but once a guy calls them it, the gloves are coming off).

I’m not saying Lupe’s song is or isn’t going to change the world, but there are a lot of other things that are worth exploring regarding hip-hop music.

What do you think of his video’s message? Your thoughts on his use of blackface? What songs have you heard since starting school?

Let us know!




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