Carla Silva – Fashion Designer & Philanthropist

For the next few weeks we will be showcasing some amazing Haitian and African fashion designers. Allow us to introduce our first artist, Carla Silva!

An Angolan fashion designer working with fashion for over 21 years, Carla Silva attended the Visual Arts Course at the Antonio Arroyo School in Portugal, having finished the distance-learning course in Fashion Design. Carla Silva has further developed her creative talents with style and glamour creating truly unique designs using a combination of African (her origin), and European fabrics. Her designs have been showcased in different projects and events in Angola, Mozambique, South Africa, Ghana, EUA and Portugal to name a few. She has shop-galleries in Angola and Mozambique to develop her brand.

Carla Silva


GLB: What is your latest project?

CS: [I’m] finalizing my new collection: “THE TANGO PASSION”: African Fabrics adapted to the Argentine Passion Dance.

GLB: Where do you get inspiration?

CS: My trips along my Africa (West, Eastern, and Southern Africa). My land, has so [many amazing] sounds, colors and smells which I want to transmit in all my collections.


GLB: How did you get started in fashion design?

CS: 21 years ago with some wedding dresses. My friends felt [that they were] so good and invited me to extend [sic].

GLB: We love the message behind United Colors of Fashion (UCOF) and its idea of “fashion for humanity”— what could be better than supporting gifted underprivileged fashion designers and providing financial assistance to those living with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia, or paralysis in South Africa and Asia? How did you become involved in this movement?

CS:  When Ciano Clerjuste invited me [to become a part of UCOF], I immediately answered: YES. As an African citizen, I am aware of all the diseases that are killing our people and [leaving] our children without families. Fashion, with its Power and Media support, must be one important player [in bringing awareness]. UCOF is making miracles in Africa, so we need to be with them.


GLB: What are some obstacles that you’ve faced? How have you overcome them?

CS: Every day I face new challenges, because doing Fashion based in Africa isn’t easy: logistic issues, fabrics, prices and support, are a few concerns. African designers need to have passion and [tenacity] to proceed with their dreams.

GLB: What is one tip that you would give anyone to live a marvelous life?

CS:  Fight for your dreams. Nothing can be achieved without work, but success is so good!

Check out more of Carla’s beautiful designs:


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