Clothes, College, and Change

While doing my daily troll Tumblr this morning, I realized that I was reblogging a lot more pictures of clothing than I usually do. Since I’m going to be a junior in college this fall and studying abroad in the spring (viva Espana!), I really want to revamp my wardrobe.

Out of all of my sisters, I’d say I’m the most fashion-challenged and I think it just hit me that my closet is in dire need of a makeover. I wouldn’t say that I’m a walking train wreck but I don’t really have a personal sense of style, either. Worst of all, it sucks constantly being mistaken as 14 when you’re 20 (but maybe that’ll work in my favor when I’m 35 or something).

Most of the outfits in my current wardrobe don’t really make a bold statement or even a whisper at that. Come to think about it, all I really wear are jeans, t-shirts, and boots (none of which are to die for). One of the joys of going to school in New York, or any place with actual seasons, is the ability to change my look based on the temperature. But as a college student on a budget, I want to improve my wardrobe with a series of must-have items for less.

Jessica, Freshman Year

Freshman Year of College

Jessica, Sophomore Year

Sophomore Year of College

So like any young woman looking for fashion advice, I looked to Forever 21 and H&M for their take on what Elle predicts to be the big fall fashions of 2012. It’s funny because everything that is “in style” at the moment, are typically items that I tend to avoid (multiple prints, wide legged pants, most forms of jewelry, etc). But you have to grow up some time, right?

After some in-depth online shopping, I’ve come to the conclusion that these following items are necessary additions to my school wardrobe:

Summer Fashion

H&M Shorts, HM Shorts

Light Colored Shorts || H&M || $24.80

Forever 21 Dress

Textured Dress || Forever21  || $24.80

(This can transition really well to Fall and Winter with some tights and a sweater!)

Sheer tank, Forever21 Sheer tank

Sheer Tank || Forever21 || $14.80

(One of my sisters owns this shirt and I actually looked pretty fashionable wearing it, if I do say so myself!)

Forever 21 Trousers

Cropped Colored Trousers || Forever21 || $22.80

Fall Fashion

(I felt this was more important to emphasize because fall happens really quickly at my school.)

Blazer, Blue Blazer, HM Blazer, H&M Blazer, Cobalt Blue Blazer

A Bold Blazer || H&M || $19.95

Metallic Top, Forever 21 Metallic Top

Metallic Top || Forever21 || $14.80

Halter, Coral Halter, Forever21 Halter

Button-Up Halter || Forever21 || $17.80

Cropped abstract pants, Forever21 Cropped abstract pants

Abstract Cropped Pants || Forever 21 || $17.80

Flared Crest Pants

Flared Crest Button Pants || Forever 21 || $24.80

Who knows, maybe I’ll become a fashionista before I know it!

Or at least, look my age.

xoxo, Jessica

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