Club Creole Gala!! Sak Pase?? Na– eh. Forget about it.

Hola peeps! (Aside: I really want to put a ¡ in front of the hola even though I know it’s unnecessary since I’m not really speaking Spanish… okay. I’m done.)

Anyhow, this past Friday I went to a gala! It was pretty snazzy! Every year, the Club Creole (Haitian Student Association) at my school has this event to raise money for UF Project Haiti, a group of students who go to My Homeland each year to provide free medical care funded in part by the ticket sales and an art auction that also occurs during the banquet.

Another aside, the time they choose to hold this occasion is a great one— when else will you be able to get a large group of students to drop THIRTY SMAX on tickets then even more money on (beautiful) paintings that can go for over $200 at once? Why, right after financial aid has “dropped” of course! Genius.

I really, really wanted a peplum dress. Preferably this pink Asos get-up that Demetria Lucas of A Belle in Brooklyn wore to her most recent “Cocktails with Belle” event in New York:

Demetria Lucas of A Belle in Brooklyn, “Cocktails with Belle”

I think we have the same body type: Boobs and Legs.

Aside #3: OMG. Did you see that @abelleinbk retweeted us?!? Well, you would’ve if you followed us on Le Twitter @glamlifeblog!!! #ShamelessPlug

So. I surfed the web as often I could (in between studying o’ course) to find something similar but then I took too long to figure out what I wanted and could no longer buy it online and have it arrive in time. And thus, I had to go to The Mall. After searching fruitlessly in a few stores (Gainesville’s sole mall is Not The Business), my friends and I decided to stop at Giti as a gag (if you’ve ever looked at their store fronts… or inside their stores… you understand). Funnily enough, the Fashion Gods decided to teach me a lesson and I actually found my dress there! More importantly though, it was only $19.99 y’all!

It wasn’t a creative number. In fact, I’ve seen the same peplum design tons during my online window shopping. Here are just two examples:

Lulus (sold-out) for $40:

Lulus peplum dress

Lulus peplum dress (back)


NastyGal for $68:

NastyGal Victoria peplum

NastyGal Victoria peplum (side)

I thought it was pretty ugly online to tell ya the truth. But when my lovely roomie Nichole told me to try it on in the dressing room, it wasn’t half bad! I accessorized with my trusty sheer black tights, a gold statement necklace borrowed from my aforementioned roomie and gold Bremseth Aldo pumps from my other pal Lola. You have no clue how excited I was to not have to buy anything but the dress.

Bremseth Aldo pumps

As for my hurr, I am totally digging Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes right now and tried to recreate this style:

Shingai Shoniwa of the Noisettes

Didn’t work out.

I would be remiss if I did not show you my actual outfit, no?


I was trying to channel Lucas’ pose. Lol.

So what do you think? Would you rock a peplum dress??

rawr, Maritza.

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