Culture isn’t a Costume …But I Still Want that Necklace

Here at GLB, we don’t follow trends because we never hear about them in time we start them! So, when I was tinkering around the internet and saw this picture of Kourtney Kardashian and her cute little button Mason rocking matching Native American costumes on Dancing with the Stars to support Kardashian slacker brother Rob, my first thought was gee, I hope it was Halloween. And lo and behold, it was!

 Kardashian costume, Dancing with the Stars

Some people didn’t like that (check out the story here)

Culture not a Costume, CNN

Earlier this year, Vogue (always the front-runner in offensive fashion) declared on their website in March that ‘Native Americans’ were a Trend. Um. Okay. Then again, Vogue Italia thought that naming a piece of jewelry “Slave Earrings” was perfectly fine, so lets just move on.

And as someone whose culture gets costume-ized (yeah, it’s a word) pretty often (see: Black) I totally get where Native Americans are coming from. Luckily, I don’t want to dress up like Pocahontas for Halloween. I want to purchase beautiful, authentic (whatever that means) pieces that I won’t feel bad wearing.

I want something like a nice bracelet I could pick up here at the Miccosukee Indian Arts Festival:

Miccosukee Indian Arts Festival

And if I can’t get The Real Thing maybe I can resign myself to Max and Chloe’s Blu Bijoux Turquoise Beaded Wrap Around Bracelet:

Max and Chloe’s Blu Bijoux Turquoise Beaded Wrap Around Bracelet

But maybe definitely not something like this shelved Navajo Hipster Panty from Urban Outfitters:

Navajo Hipster Panty from Urban Outfitters

The quest to find my culturally-sensitive-politically-correct-Native-American-accessory is on!

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