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Draya Michele of Mint Swim

For our latest installment conversation, we had the pleasure of chatting with Draya Michele of Mint Swim during Miami Swim Week. Read on to discover her newest line, fave summer must-haves, and plans for the future!

Daily Ellement: Tell us a little bit about your new line.

Draya Michele: This collection is a lot different from my other ones. Of course I’m known for my one-pieces, and I’ve created some more one-pieces. This is a big collection; I have about 27 pieces. For an entire collection, I usually do six at a time but this time I was required to do a lot to make the show long and I did it. It took me like four months and I got it done.

Mint Swim Collage2

DE: Where did you get your inspiration for this line?

DM: As you can see, everything is greenish. I definitely wanted to go with a green theme because the brand is mint. And I definitely incorporated the mint color in there. I just wanted it to be cool and fresh. Leafy and minty and plant-like.

DE: Who do you envision wearing Mint Swim?

DM: The everyday girl who goes to work every day but makes time on the weekends to do pool parties, go to the beach, work on her tan. Just the everyday girl.

Mint Swim Collage3

DE: What advice do you have for someone who wants to break into a new field and make their mark?

DM: I strongly believe that when you have an amazing idea it’s best to maybe not share it with anyone until it’s a finished product. I think that the world we live in, there’s a lot of negativity and there’s a lot of hate. I feel like once you say you have an idea, there’s so many people out there that will try to tell you it’s not a good idea and it might steer you in the wrong direction and deter you from doing it.

And that’s why you just have to have your idea; finish it. If it’s a website, don’t say “coming soon”. Put the website out when it’s out and BOOM, it’s there. And then no one can tell you your idea isn’t good because you’ve already [done] it.

Mint Swim Collage4

DE: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment to date? Both professionally and personally.

DM: Professionally, this is definitely my brand. Last year I sold a lot of swim suits and I got recognized by Forbes magazine. I just slightly missed the 30 under 30, but Forbes recognized me as a business owner [for] selling so much swimwear by myself and on my website… Luckily for me, I had the help from social media and I was able to boost it and get people’s attention and drive traffic to my website. That’s my professional accomplishment.

And my personal accomplishment, I would just say that I had a really rough life growing up and I’ve been through a lot of things. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of valuable lessons. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without going through the mud a little bit and I’m out of the mud. So that is my personal accomplishment. I have a great life, I’m happy, and I just like being a mom and a fiancé.

DE: Because you have such a well-known swim suit brand, what would you say are your five summer must-haves?

DM: You definitely need a swim suit. You definitely need a swim suit cover-up. You need a good pair of slides. You need an amazing sun block and everyday sunblock to wear every single day of your life. And I would say dad hats. I like those. You need that. It’s just on point right now for the summer.


DE: You’re pretty active on Snapchat and share little bits about your life. What’s something that people don’t know about you that you would want to share?

DM: I share everything that I want to share. There’s nothing that I want to share that I don’t. Because if I want to share it, I just will. I’m no holds barred. I do everything on Snapchat. I say everything and share everything that I want to share. I’m not really a secretive kind of person like that. Especially on Snapchat. I like to give my viewers a chance to see a different side of me and I’m a little bit more risky on there because I know that it’s going to be gone in 24 hours. I go crazy on Snapchat.

I’m a little bit more conservative on Instagram. Facebook I use [to] keep my fans updated with what’s going on in my life, different articles and interviews that I’ve done. And Twitter I use to speak. When I want to say something, that’s when I use Twitter to talk.

DE: There have been some whispers about you potentially having a reality TV show in the works. What would you say is next for you?

DM: I’ve had my fun with reality TV and it’s been great. It was a great five years. I am being asked by multiple production companies, multiple networks to bring a Draya spinoff to one of these networks. I’m really busy with Mint Swim because it’s summer so I can’t get distracted from that. So I’m focused on that. But maybe in the fall when I have a little more time and I settle down a little bit. I’ll never say never; you know? It’s not a no, it’s just a not right now.



Want more of Draya? Find her on Snapchat (SuperDraya), Instagram, and check out Mint Swim.

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  2. Her pieces are very unique. Different from the typical swimsuit design. I love it!

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