Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne

Hey! It’s the latest installment of Real Life Glam! This week, we were able to ask The Empire Girls: Julissa and Adrienne, a few questions regarding their career goals, fashion faves and general paths to glamness. As you know, GLB loves the Empire Girls, so you can’t imagine how excited we were to have the opportunity to pick their brains. You’ve seen Julissa Bermudez as a host of the BET staple “106 & Park” and Adrienne Bailon as a Cheetah Girl. Through their show on The Style Network, you’ll find that these hardworking Latinas are hungry for success and are taking the steps to make their dreams come true. Take a look!


GLB: Would you say that you ladies are on track with your “Before-30” plans? And what would you say is your greatest personal accomplishment to date?

 AB: We’re on our way! It’s all a work in progress. When you’re 30, girl, it doesn’t end there. My greatest personal accomplishment is being a Cheetah Girl. I grew up watching Disney Channel and I thought it was fulfilling to be a positive role model for young Latinas. It was incredibly fulfilling. I was glad to present Latinas in a positive light on Disney.

JB: Well, BET took a huge chance on me as a Latina VJ. It was a huge deal for me because I always watched BET and never saw myself represented and I was blessed to be a representative. I think that longevity is an accomplishment in general. To remain vibrant and a part of this business. Certainly longevity.

GLB: Adrienne, I read that you attended the High School for Health Professions and Human Services in New York and originally wanted to be an obstetrician. Could you imagine pursuing that now? And based on your experiences so far, if someone was torn between a more “stable” career like medicine and the entertainment industry what would you recommend them do?

AB: I would say hone your craft. Practice, practice, practice! But still, if an opportunity comes across, you should take it! For instance, I was discovered at my internship and I wanted to pursue the medical field, but the opportunity arose. Be a go-getter.

GLB: A Miami Herald interview mentioned that Julissa spent a few of her formative years in Hialeah, attending Jose Marti and Ben Sheppard Elementary Schools. I know you ladies are obviously New Yorkers but as a Miami-ian I have to ask… Julissa do you remember slash even miss the awesomeness that is Miami?

JB: Absolutely!  I love visiting Miami. It’s a quick getaway without traveling too far and I love the vibe of the city. I love the culture, especially being Latina, and everything it has to offer.

GLB: The purpose of GLAMLife is to encourage our readers to go live marvelous lives (hence the name). What would you recommend a person do to live glamorously regardless of their circumstances?   

AB: Be happy and do what makes you happy. We envy people who live the happiest lives.

JB: Whether they have millions of dollars in the bank or not, if you can go to bed happy, then you’re living a glamorous life! 

GLB: What are the best and worst aspects of your respective careers?

AB: Best (good) currently hanging out with my friend all the time. Hanging out with you is an amazing perk! Bad: The early call time. I wish hair and makeup could stay on my face and my hair could stay perfect when I wake up.

JB: I get paid to do what I love to do. Worst: when you put yourself out there, it allows others to have a say in what they want and have opinions when they don’t really know you.

GLB: As young women in the industry who have been positive role models, who would you say are your personal heroes and role models? 

JB: My mom. I know it sounds cheesy to say, but she’s someone to hold down the household. Her work ethic. My dad is a cab driver and could retire if he wanted to but had dreams and aspirations to come to America and never stops. They’re where I get my work ethics, morals, and values from.

AB: I agree. It’s great to have people to look up to in the industry. But people who are tangible in your lives should not be overlooked— like counselors, teachers, etc. My mom is certainly my role model. My sister is also my role model. I’m proud of what she’s accomplished especially in this generation, especially since people don’t get married.

JB: Society places celebrities on a pedestal and they are expected to appear a certain way. They’re only human, no one’s perfect.


 Just for “funsies”!

Adrienne, who are some of the people you’ve collaborated with in the studio?

AB: Ne-Yo, The Dream, DJ Khaled and The Runners.

How would you describe your style? Who are your fashion icons?

JB: I would describe my style as classic with a trendy twist. My fashion icons are definitely J. Lo (love her!!!) and Victoria Beckham.

AB: I think my style is definitely eclectic. I was born on the lower East side of Manhattan so I can go from Cha-Cha queen to Glam Goddess. My fashion icons are Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen, Nicole Ritchie and J. Lo. Anyone who has an individual style.

What would you consider your three summer must-haves?


–          Bath and Body Works Tea Tree Oil sheets

–          Eos lip gloss

–          SPF 30 stick for sensitive areas


–          Eyelash curlers (it goes a long way to make you look awake!)

–          NARS Palm Beach bronzing stick

–          Sexy Mother Pucker lip plumper (gives a peachy apricot color)

Feeling inspired?
You can catch Empire Girls: Julissa & Adrienne on Sundays at 9PM ET on The Style Network!

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