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España and Elections!

After weeks of filling out applications, writing essays and sending out borderline harassing emails to professors for letters of recommendation, I have finally received my letter of acceptance to study abroad in Spain! Yay! This spring I will be immersed in the beautiful culture, language, and foods of Madrid, Spain, while also caravanning throughout Europe on a college student’s budget.

Study Abroad, Study Abroad in Spain, Study Abroad in Spain Madrid, How to Study Abroad

Spain, here I come! 🙂

In addition to getting my lovely acceptance letter this week, I also received my application to apply for a Florida absentee ballot for the presidential elections this November (which is just as exciting!). As you can tell, we at GLAM Life Blog have a pretty bad case of election fever. Even though our political leanings are pretty evident, the important thing is to vote if you can.

Absentee ballot things. Voting is cool people!

Ironically enough, the other day some kid in my Africana class said he wasn’t going to vote because “this election isn’t even about people anymore.” Although I disagree with him, what bugged me the most about what he said is the fact he’s choosing not to vote. Not to get all preachy sounding, but people didn’t fight and die just to have our generation choose not to vote. Sounds pretty silly, right? Also, by not voting, you are inadvertently choosing to keep things the same. If you don’t like something, you have the right as voter to change it using a ballot (I really wanted to say that in class but I wasn’t sure how to say that without sounding rude. Womp!).

Last year, a spoken word poet named Carlos Andrés Gómez came to my school and performed some of the best poetry I have ever heard. In the spirit of promoting people our age to vote, watch his awesome poem about suffrage. (Then listen to everything else he’s performed. Not that I did or anything, instead of doing homework…)

And just in case I haven’t emphasized this enough, here’s a website where you can apply for an absentee ballot if you’re away at school. Believe me; people have more power than they’d like to admit.

Just click on the state in which you need the ballot (Ex: I’m in New York, but need a ballot for Florida).

What are your thoughts on voting? What’s the most important thing to you this election year? Have you heard Mitt Romney’s rants about 47% of people? Hahaha.



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