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But lifestyle bloggers do it best.


Ok, ok. I’ll get serious. lol. Yesterday I attended #FashionBloggersDoItBetter (hosted by Annie Vazquez [The Fashion Poet] and Eugy & Simonett [The Goodwill Project]) at Ricochet and I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised. As you all know, I’m pretty new to this blogging thing and I genuinely don’t know what to expect whenever I attend these events. Sometimes I’m overdressed, and other times I’m not. But yesterday, I fit right in. Well, as much as I can fit in with this big hairstyle that I’m rocking. haha.

When my friends (shout out to Saisia and Grace!) and I walked into the bar/lounge, it was packed! We wiggled our way through the crowd and *had* to make a stop at the Ready. Set. Cupcake! table.

Read. Set. Cupcake!
Mmmmm! It’s safe to say, I went back twice. Those cupcakes were delicious!

I spoke a little bit with Ready. Set. Cupcake! Co-Founder Carolyn Schulevitz and her husband David (cutest couple EVER!) and they explained how they have revolutionized baking. You just use the all natural, ready-made batter to bake mini-cupcakes, cakes, or whatever your heart desires. There’s no recipe needed and you can customize your treats however you like. How easy in that?

After stuffing my face (literally, I ate my cupcakes in one bite lol) I ran into bloggers Schevashea of Curves and Confidence and Ashley of A Sassy Woman. We chatted for a bit and our little trio kept getting bigger until….

We were surrounded by fellow bloggers. This was especially great for me because I got to meet some spectacular Black women who are making moves in the Magic City :)! After our little pow wow, I made my way over to the Blo braid bar and watched as some ladies got their hair braided by the blo team. Kailey Magder, co-owner of blo Midtown, told me that they can work with any type of hair. They had a waiting list of ladies from all walks of life who wanted to get their hair braided by these experts, so they’re definitely doing something right!

TINte cosmetics also had a pop-up shop of their own. Stacy Reid created the cosmetic line because she couldn’t find a gloss that would help her “very chapped lips”. The saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself” definitely applies here. Women flocked to her booth to try on the beauty products (and maybe a few men!) and everyone agreed that TINte gloss wasn’t sticky like other glosses.

TINte Cosmetics

Other pop-up shops at the #FashionBloggersDoItBetter event included Gold Saturn, Betsy Moss, Fake Frivolity by the ladies of The Goodwill Project, and Flash Candy Pop-up Studio (sponsor of the Instagram photo booth).

Fashion Find:

While browsing through the pop-up shops I came across two fashionable young ladies who might be the next best thing! Meagan and Christina are searching for a manufacturer for their potential jewelery line. You should definitely keep an eye out for these two budding fashionistas!

Everyone needs a little bling for their collar! Would you rock this necklace?

I had a great time meeting marvelous bloggers, fashion fiends, and sampling some of Miami’s finest fashion/beauty finds. The only thing that could have been improved was the hashtag; it was just too long — We only have 140 characters people! Check out some more pictures from the event on the GLAM Life Facebook page.

Until next time! 😀

<3 Maika

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