Fat Cats is Where it’s At!

Wednesday night I decided to go out on the town with a few friends, so we made our way over to Fort Lauderdale. Why Fort Lauderdale you ask? Well, Himmarshee Village (near/on Las Olas) has a row of bars. And on Wednesdays it’s Ladies Night. And you can get drinks. For free!

It only made sense.

We specifically went to this place on Himmarshee called Original Fat Cats. They have live performances every day of the week, and Wednesdays are Reggae Night. The band that was playing, 4th Dimension, usually starts playing around midnight. My friends and I got there a little after 12 and the place was packed!

While Fat Cats doesn’t have free drinks for ladies night (boo!), practically all the other bars do. And you could tell that quite a few of the “ladies” had taken advantage of that. There was a lot of off beat swaying and sloshing of drinks.┬áIf you want nothing else than to people watch, Himmarshee on Wednesday night is the day to do it! haha.

Besides the few people who were just out of their minds drunk (shout out to the old guy who kept trying to do a split in front of the stage! lol) it was a really good time. 4th Dimension was on point and I’m not much of a reggae fan. You really can’t help but move to the music and just enjoy yourself. They played a mixture of original songs and covers. Yes, Bob Marley music was played.

And according to some article posted on Fat Cats’ Facebook page, they have a really great selection of beer. Maybe I’ll try a lager the next time I’m there. Ha. Yeah right. Below you’ll find some pictures that me and my friend Maria took. (Please excuse the quality. My camera is out of commission (looong story) and I took these on my phone.)


Original Fat Cats, Reggae Night
Original Fat Cats, Reggae Night
Me and my friend Maria enjoying the 4th Dimension!

Original Fat Cats, Reggae Night, 4th Dimension

Original Fat Cats, Reggae Night, 4th Dimension

Original Fat Cats, Reggae Night, 4th Dimension
Maria and the Jerk Chicken guy. She supports his hustle. lol

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