Friday Faves

Friday Faves

Friday Faves


This week has been one of the longest and most exciting I’ve had in a while. I was placed in a group project for my internship and it’s been a roller coaster. It’s interesting to see how a story evolves in the span of a week and how seven people have to work together in order to produce something great. Group dynamics are always cool to observe because people automatically fall into certain positions (leader, cheerleader, secretary, etc.). Once the project is completed, I’ll definitely be putting it up! (Sorry for the ambiguity, it’s a secret!)


This week I had orientation for school. I can’t believe I am now beyond high school (even if it’s only by about a month). I’m excited to embark on the next step toward my goal of world domination. I’ve signed up for classes and I think I’m going to start pre-studying. And by pre-studying… I mean I’ll probably buy my books, flip through a few, then promptly close them until August 26.


CONCACAF’s Gold Cup began last Sunday and it’s been an interesting tournament. I was particularly excited for Monday’s Haiti vs. Honduras match (for obvious reasons) and was ridiculously disappointed when Haiti lost. I think the defeat stung even more than a typical loss because Haiti dominated possession of the ball for the vast majority of the game. However, none of their players were ever able to pull through and actually score. Multiple attempts at the goal, more than ten corner kicks… and nothing to show for it. Rony Martinez and Martin Chavez of Honduras scored two goals and won the game, bumping their team to the forefront in Group B.

Haiti will play Trinidad & Tobago tonight at Sun Life Stadium at 7PM – let’s see if they’ll get it together to win this time.

Friday Faves

Footballers always have the most obnoxious hair… I love it!


Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim is upon us and I couldn’t be more excited! In about one week, I’ll be attending #MBFWSwim shows and sharing all of my experiences and any behind the scenes action on our Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. There are tons of other major events happening in South Florida that I’ll be stopping by to check out and I’ve included a few of them below. The best part? These are all open to the public! (P.S. I’ll be adding anymore events that I find to the slideshow, so check back often!)

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So tell us, what’s been going on with you? 😉

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