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I have very random musical mood swings. Sometimes I can listen to nothing but “blue eyed soul” (which is just someone with a guitar) for a week and then embrace my inner OG the next. This week has been one for the latter. My Kanye West Pandora station has played nothing but old school rap like Dr. Dre, Slum Village, Snoop Dogg, Jay Z, and 2Pac for the past few days and I’ve been loving it! Not only have I been incredibly productive as I bop my head from side to side and think about my homies as I write both of my thesis proposals, I definitely have begun to listen to the lyrics of these songs (gaining a newfound appreciation for the genre, too!). Word to your mother.



This week was my first week back to school after my abrupt knee surgery. I know, I know. What surgery? Long story! Anyway, pulling up to scene with my ceiling missing, with crutches, wasn’t easy, especially with the sucky weather lately. Little did I know that having crutches is a free pass to getting on elevators first, having doors held open, making quite a bit of friends, and pretty much everything else. It was great! Surprisingly, I wasn’t as lost in my classes as I thought I would be. It was almost like I hadn’t left for a week and a half!


If there is absolutely anything you should know about me, it’s that I love watching television. What, did you think it was going to be something deeper than that? My obsession doesn’t run as deeply as Jessica’s, but I truly enjoy getting lost in that good ol’ moving picture box. This week was a great one because it meant the return of two of my favorite shows, New Girl and The Mindy Project, and it also marked the arrival of Sleepy Hollow. I think the manic pixie dream girl that is every Zooey Deschanel role ever is awesome and Mindy Kaling is one of my best friends (in my head) so I support everything she does. Sleepy Hollow looks like it’s going to be a wild ride and I’m ecstatic that it is Nicole Beharie who will be going on it with me.


I’ve been watching copious amounts of the Kardashians (don’t judge) and since E! keeps replaying the episodes where they’re in Greece, I have fallen in love with Mykonos. I also decided that I will be going there one day — hopefully sooner than later! I’ve compiled some photos of luxurious getaways just for your viewing pleasure. Well… mine, but you can enjoy it too!

mykonoscollage - Copy

What are you excited about this week?

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