Friday Faves

Friday Faves


My Facebook news feed has been filled with nothing but Scandal related posts for the past 48 hours. The only thing that has surpassed the best show ever in statuses is the fact that Hillary Clinton is coming to Hamilton College today! Every year my school has the Great Names Speaker Series where noteworthy individuals come to our campus and give awesome lectures. The speaker during my freshman year was Condolezza Rice. This year, the former Secretary of State is going to deliver a speech to everyone who stood in line for hours for tickets (but she’s worth it!). I’m so excited to breathe the same air as her (how fangirl of me, I know) and the fun twitter hash tags that will probably include #clintoninclinton. I’ll let you know how great the talk was!


My new favorite song, which has been on repeat all week, is “Replay” by Zendaya Coleman. I know you’re probably thinking “Isn’t that the Disney Channel star? How old is she?!” But yes, it is her and she isn’t a day over 30! (She’s really only 17, but looks so grown!) Anyway, the song may have no real meaning except talking about playing a song on replay — and trust, there are so many other songs of the sort — but it’s so catchy; the beat is d-d-d-dope. Plus, she kind of reminds me of Cassie who I think is gorgeous — which by default makes Zendaya puurrrty too! Lol.

zendaya and cassie

Zendaya to the left and Cassie on the right


Since I’ve been working on the presentation for our upcoming SHAKE IT OFF & SPEAK ON IT workshop, (which is next Friday – can you believe it?!) I’ve gotten more into Prezi. It’s the cool, hip great-granddaughter of PowerPoint. And it’s amazing! Presentations are fun to watch, super interactive, and allow you to be way more creative. You can check out how we put this free online program to use if you attend the Style Bloggers of Color Conference next week!


This week I’ve been loving my loafers. They have a leopard embellishment and some tassels that add a little pizzazz to it. I’ve had them for almost a year now, but they have really been coming in handy because of all the walking that I’ve been doing in NYC. And while I miss my heels, I just couldn’t image trekking around town (and up and down a gazillion stairs on the subway) in anything higher than an inch off the ground. And even that’s pushing it. At least my butt will be super toned by the time I make my way back to Miami!


They’re getting a little beat up, but I love them so!

Tell us below; what are you excited about this week?

Images: Collage (Top Left, Clockwise) – 12, 34; Post – 1, 2: Google & We Heart It

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    1. Hi Demetra! We hear you about artists creating music that’s age appropriate — it’s so refreshing! And we’ll put together a post about some flats and comfortable styles options. 😉 ~Maika

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