Funkshion Fashion Week Is Upon Us!

Funkshion Fashion Week Miami Beach is here!

Are you excited? I am! This is my second time attending Funkshion, and this time I get to go as press!

Funkshion Fashion Week Press Pass
Official, eh? lol

I’m super excited about it and I want to share my marvelous experiences with you guys! Check out @GLAMLifeBlog for my take on all of the events. Ok. Plug over. 🙂

Anyhoo, tonight I attended my first ever event as “media” for GLAM Life at Bolivar Restaurant Fusion de Cocinas de Tragos. (What a super long name right?!) It wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be, but worthwhile nonetheless. I rubbed elbows with some of Miami’s top media personnel.

There were complimentary Voli Vodka drinks and appetizers being passed around. I only got to try the ceviche, but it was pretty good!

A little tangy!

While mixing and mingling with the crowd I came across two amazing ladies (Dayanne Danier and Elmire Desrouleaux) who happen to be Haitian fashion designers!

Dayanne Danier and Elmire Desrouleaux
From Left to Right: Dayanne Danier, Elmire Desrouleaux, Rafel Dixon of Sheen Magazine, Me!

Overall, the event was pretty good in terms of networking and a nice little start to the Funkshion Fashion Week festivities. Here are some bonus pictures from the night:

Funkshion Media Event Goers
Miguel and Erica. For some reason, I really liked what Erica had on. It kind of reminds me of the pants that Jasmine from Aladdin wore, with a Miami twist. Miguel is arm candy. And he gets a plus for the cuffed jeans! 🙂
Funkshion Fashion Week Goer
Eva. She really loves dogs…. A lot.
GLAM Life Blog at Funkshion Media Event
My sister Jessica, bestie Kristi, me. <3

You can find a list of the FREE Funkshion events here! I’ll make sure to blog about the ones that I attend.

Hope to see you there!

<3 Maika

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