A day or two ago I mentioned that I was going to attend the GUYandGIRL Boutique Spring Tweetup. I went last night, so below you’ll find my image inspired recap 🙂 :

Name tag #GGTweetup

First thing I did when I walked into the GUYandGIRL Boutique was get my name tag. Pretty simple.

Sushi #GGTweetup

Then, Kristi and I headed straight to the food. I was starving and Kristi wanted to try sushi for the first time. Win-win situation here!

Susset Cabrera's ensemble for #GGTweetup

Soon after finishing I walked over to speak with Susset Cabrera of Miami Beats and Sazon. I was my normal clumsy self and had to ask her to hold my drink so that I could swap business cards with her. She was super sweet about it though. This is her ensemble for the style  contest, one of my favorites.

Annie Vasquez, The Fashion Poet, #GGTweetup

I made my way over to the food table again, but this time it was to get my life together. I was literally juggling my phone, camera, business cards, a glass of sangria, and Lord knows what else and I was having a hard time with it. Then who should walk over to the table (mind you, this isn’t a large venue) but Annie Vasquez, The Fashion Poet. Naturally, I took a picture with her!

Annie Vasquez's #GGTweetUp ensemble

Here’s the outfit that Annie put together. Anyone rocking this would look *very* put together to say the least!

Kelly Saks for #GGTweetup

Soon after I made my way over to the floral inspired outfit that Kelly Saks of Kelly’s Kloset put together. Sadly, I didn’t get to meet her in person.

Me and Ria Michelle #GGTweetup

But I did get to meet Ria Michelle! By then, I was starting to get a little shiny-looking. It might have been because I was exerting so much effort not to drop everything haha. Luckily, Ria reassured me that I’ll be a pro at balancing a million things in no time. Haha. (She doesn’t know how clumsy I could get lol)

Ria Michelle #GGTweetup

Here’s Ria Michelle’s #GGTweetup ensemble. This was hands down my favorite.


Soon after that, the event came to a close. Here is Susset Cabrera, Ria Michelle, GUYandGIRL Boutique buyer Stacey Galbut, Annie Vasquez, and Kelly Saks.

Ria Michelle’s outfit was chosen as the winning ensemble and someone (who wasn’t even there!!!) got to win Ria’s styled pieces. The whole process was a little anticlimactic to be honest. I didn’t know who won until I asked around at the end, maybe because I was too busy chatting it up with some lovely ladies that I met 🙂

All in all, I’m happy that I got to attend, and I can’t wait to go to more marvelous events! Yeee!

<3 Maika

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