GLB Goes Thriftin’: Red White & Blue Thrift Store

Hello all!

This past Friday, the gals who bring you the wonderfully fantastic went a-thriftin’!

After doing a quick search online, we settled on Red White & Blue Thrift Store in North Miami. The store’s website promised “an incredible shopping experience” and even backed up its claims by pointing out their title of Best Second Hand Store from Miami New Times and being mentioned in the popular Frommer’s Travel guides as Miami’s “best kept secret”.

So how did all these assertions hold up?

Drum roll please….

Great! The 50 year old store was enormous and had sections for anything you could want: clothing, shoes, housewares, books, accessories. And every day besides Wednesday, which is Seniors’ Day, you get the chance to have already dirt cheap prices plummet even lower. Depending on which tags are featured on the super big bulletin board at the front of the store (red, white, or blue tags), you can get an additional 50% off your purchase! The store was super packed with street savvy shoppers (awesome alliteration!) who were trying to get a few more items in time for Christmas. Luckily, we were still able to snag a few awesome pieces. Check ‘em out below!

RW&B Thriftin’ Tip #1: We hope your Spanish and/or Creole speaking skills are up to par because most of the shoppers who were there didn’t speak much English.

RW&B Thriftin’ Tip #2: Bring cash!

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