It’s Never Too Little, Too Late For Some Slow Jamz

The year was 2004. I owned three velour jumpsuits; they were red, pink, and khaki/stretchy jean fabric. I owned chains with Haiti on them and wanted earrings with my name in them. And how could I forget a belt with a name plate. Because, you know, what 12 year old girl didn’t?

Plus, some of the catchiest and best songs of my adolescence were released around that time.

Does this little number ring a bell?

What’s up with all of the nostalgia revolving around puberty, you may ask?

Well, chopper style rapper, Twista, and my middle school fashion icon, JoJo, will be performing at my school’s spring concert this weekend in a throwback concert!

Twista and JoJo

My inner teenybopper is actually crying.

But believe me, these artists are not stuck in the past with music. Twista recently released an EP called “Back to the Basics” that was beast in 2013 and JoJo has definitely been releasing more mature music that is solidifying her as a bona fide adult triple threat. (Nonetheless, Aquamarine will always be one of my favorite movies!

Her cover of everyone’s favorite song to cover is one of the best.

Have a listen to some of her new music!

All I know is that Friday could not come soon enough! I can’t wait for the show and to scream my little lungs out.


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