Happy New Year! Or, this is NOT a List of New Year’s Resolutions

Well, the world didn’t end (you know you considered its possibility if even for a brief moment) and 2012 is officially over. With the fresh start that is 2013*, what new habits will you pick up and what patterns will be kicked to the metaphorical curb?   

We’ve named a few of ours below. Don’t call it a comeback the dreaded “New Year’s Resolution List” but rather, A List of Practices that We Have Decided to Implement at a Time that Happens to Coincide with the Advent of a New Orbital Period of the Earth Moving Around the Sun. What?

Our top five, in no particular order:

  1. Start eating healthier. As we’ve mentioned before, our family has a history of cancer (like many others) and it could bring nothing but good to start living healthier lifestyles. We can’t wait to be creative with eating well on a tiny budget.
    • Also, walk, jog, run, whatever. We’ve heard about the amazing benefits of doing that whole exercising thing… now we want to experience them.
  2. Take more fashion, beauty, and hair-styling risks. More specifically,
    • Jessica wants to be just as fashionable as the haughty Europeans she’ll soon be rubbing elbows with in Spain.
    • Maika only knows what face moisturizer, foundation, and lip balm are and wants to learn more.
    • Lydi’Ann is capable of simply three hair styles: the bun, the puff, and the twist-and-pony. More styling options must be explored.
    • These styles have TheLyd written all over them.These styles have TheLyd written all over them.

      Maritza wants to get bangs. Essentially, the most important thing on this list.

  3. Focus on furthering our respective crafts. Keep our fires burning. Sometimes it’s easy to forget why we’re doing something when there are a million things going on and nothing seems to be getting done. This year is as great as any other to truly focus on promoting our academic and professional success. If that sounded cryptic, good. We want to be the Beyoncé’s of our respective industries which means we’ve got to get really good at being super secretive and Illuminati-like.
  4. If we promise ourselves to work harder the practical next step is to promise to work harder at managing stress more effectively (so we can keep working hard and so on and so on).
  5. Put off… procrastinating.

We know that acknowledging issues is often not the problem— it’s the solving them part. Luckily, we’re here to the rescue! Look out for our “How to” guide on actually keeping New Year’s resolutions A List of Practices that You Have Decided to Implement at a Time that Happens to Coincide with the Advent of a New Orbital Period of the Earth Moving Around the Sun.

*Fresh starts are possible year-round.

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