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New Year’s Resolutions: Tips from A Life Coach

The start of a new year is the perfect time to put your best foot forward and reimagine a shinier, better you. And while it might be easier to make a goal, it’s not always so simple to figure out exactly how to keep your New Year’s resolution. After all, New Year’s Resolutions don’t always pan out the way that we think they should.

Luckily, we chatted with Kenisha McIntosh, a Certified Life and Business Coach, and author of The ABCs Of Intention, A Foundational Guide to Intentional Living, about how to set New Year’s goals with intention and we have all the tips to help below. Read on!

Kenisha McIntosh Life Coach, Kenisha McIntosh, new year's resolution advice, ew year's resolution advice from a life coach, How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

How Should You Go About Picking Your New Year’s Resolution?

Be Realistic but Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Goals are important but “understand that you’re human, that things happen, and that it’s ok.” Kenisha says, “I tell my coaching clients all the time, I don’t measure success of completed tasks based on how many that I do, but [by] the quality that I put into whatever that I’m doing.”

Know Yourself

If you have a weight loss goal, but hate going to the gym, this might not be the best way for you to lose weight. Instead, think about what you enjoy. Does that include yoga, Pilates, running? If so, taking up one of the activities that you already love may be a better course of action.

Give Yourself Time

It’s all right to take a break! You don’t want to burn yourself out. Plan for what it’ll look like once your goal is in place and work towards that goal. Working backwards can help you put a more effective timeline in place for bringing your plan to fruition.

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolution

Accountability Partners

“Know the people in your life who want to see you do something great and who believe in you 100%. They’ll hold you accountable for what you do,” Kenisha advises. On the flip side, if you don’t have people in your life to lend their support, you can find them online. “Social media is great in that you can connect with people that you may not know in person but you share a common goal,” Kenisha adds.

Write Things Down

Being able to visually see your goal can do wonders for your mindset. “Write it, see it, speak it,” Kenisha says. Want another tip to help you keep your New Year’s Resolution? “If you have a plan, just [choose] a deadline,” Kenisha adds. Once you put it out there to friends and family that you’re working towards a date for your goal, it’ll be much harder to walk away from when people ask you about it!

What Happens If You Don’t Meet Your Resolution Goal?


Accept that maybe you didn’t do it… this time. Adding “yet” at the end of what you’re saying makes it easier to understand that although “it hasn’t happened yet, doesn’t mean that it’s not going to happen at all.”


Consider what happened and where you went wrong. It’s all right to go back to the drawing board and figure out what you can do better.

Try Again

Kenisha quotes Albert Einstein and says, “I have not failed; I’ve just found a thousand ways that don’t work.” She adds, “And now you’re on your way to find out what does work and that’s ok.”

Final Tip: Think Bigger

“A lot of our resolutions are physical, tangible things when there’s a deeper problem there,” Kenisha mentions. For instance, if you want to lose five pounds, think about what made you put the weight on. Or if you want to travel more, maybe consider the hours that you’re working at your job that might be preventing you from traveling.

“Sometimes people only reach as far as they can see. We have to learn to live for the intangible. The universe isn’t against you, you just have to figure out what isn’t for you and get that out of the way.”

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