How to make Shea Butter Whip Without a Wire Whisk!

It’s been quite some time since I’ve made my last batch of shea butter whip so I thought I’d make some more. Of course, I couldn’t find my wire whisk anywhere so I decided to just use a fork. If you want to make your own whipped shea butter without a hand mixer or wire whisk, all you’ll need is a lot of patience and a strong arm! I don’t heat up my shea butter because I don’t like the whip to be too creamy and when it’s stored at room temperature it’s pretty malleable anyway. Once I’m finished, I just scoop it all into a container and store in a hallway closet.

What I Used 

Pure African Shea Butter (Ashanti Natural)
Jamaican Black Castor Oil (Tropic Isle Living)
Argan Oil (One ‘n Only [Breast Cancer Awareness])
Tea Tree Oil (Hollywood Beauty)

~~~ What’s in This Video ~~~

– Getting started: 0:00 – 1:12
– Getting the shea butter to whip with a fork: 1:13 – 1:58
– Adding the oils! – 1:59 – 2:28
– The finished product – 2:29 – 2:33
– Guess what I found? – 2:34 – 2:41
– The End! – 2:42

 <3 Maika

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