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How to Make Simple Cuffed Shorts (with pictures)!

Hey everyone! Lately I’ve been in a real DIY mood. It might have something to do with Maika’s current obsession with The Notiorious KIA‘s YouTube channel. Check out Maika‘s first creation below.

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Maika’s DIY Cutoff shorts. She hasn’t put them into the dryer yet and she’s thinking of fraying it more right below the pockets. What do you think?

Of course I couldn’t let her have all the fun alone, so I decided to make my own shorts. I had a pair of jeans that fit a little loosely around the waist that I wouldn’t mind cutting up and I got to it. I’m not kidding. I completely forgot to take a picture of the pants before I cut them. Oops! Here’s what they looked like afterwards.

First step - DIY Cutoffs

Make sure to cut your pants in a slight v-shape for a more flattering fit! You should try them on first and mark where you want to cut them. 

After cutting them, I cuffed them twice since I don’t like the cutoff look. You can leave them cuffed just like that, but I thought it would be best to sew the insides down so they wouldn’t slide down and I wouldn’t have to constantly be adjusting them.

Sew from the inside of the cuff so that the thread won’t show. Make sure that you don’t bring the thread all the way through and continue to sew around the entire cuff. 

I wanted to snazz up my pants a little bit so I added some studs to the pockets. I got these studs from a local store called Kats Beads. I got 144 studs (that’s a gross of studs if you’re fancy) for about $20 or so if I’m not mistaken. Don’t quote me on it! The studs have these little sharp tack things on the ends of them that you push into your clothes. I didn’t have pliers so I just bent them over using my teeth so that they wouldn’t poke me when I wore the shorts.

Studs on cuffed shorts

So! After adding the studs to both of the front pockets, I tried them on and… they were too small! So I cut them a little shorter, recuffed, sewed them down … and it was still too tight. Apparently, these pants weren’t as big as I thought they were and I’ve got too much junk in my trunk. lol. If they weren’t cuffed, they would’ve fit perfectly, but since I don’t like that look, I just ended up giving them to Maika. Here’s what it looks like!

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Voilà — the finished product! 

Maika’s probably going to destroy distress them a little bit. And I gave them to her with one condition — that she’ll leave them cuffed!

What do you think of my DIY project? Have you created your own cuffed or cutoff shorts?

P.S. Stay tuned! Maika’s going to do something fun with the leftover jean fabric!

-Lydi’Ann *The Beast*

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