Inspiration: Nail Art

This ‘Do in Your Spare Time’ activity now seems to be sweeping the nation and is becoming a part of daily living…

That’s right. You guessed it.

NAILS! Doing your nails is a fun way to kill time and glam up your look. Creativity has no limits when you are your own canvas.

First, here are a few tools that you would need to make some of your nail magic:


Here are some examples of nail art design ideas for your fingeersss; get inspired!

Short Length Nails

 Medium Length Nails


For the Crazy-Obsessed *Just Kidding*

If I’ve inspired you enough to show and share your nail designs with us and others, feel free to upload and post your nail art on our Facebook page:  🙂

You know you want to.

-Lydi’Ann *The Beast*

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