Intern File #1: A New Venture

Maritza and I are spending our summers interning for two great places: MSNBC’s Ronan Farrow Daily and the Investigative Unit at Fusion, an ABC-Univision Joint-Venture. So throughout the summer, we’re going to provide you all with glimpses into our internships, plus share some stories and pictures of our adventures! It’s going to be a great summer for us here at GLAM Life!

So… what is Fusion?
Fusion is a network aimed at the millennial generation, “winking” especially at Latino-Americans. As an investigative unit intern I get to research and help investigate stories the producers are working on. Some pieces the investigative unit created include finding numerous pregnant women in an El Paso immigration detention center and uncovering cases in which people awaiting trials are locked up for longer than the state laws allow.

“Joint-Venture”sounds complicated. Break it down.
Imagine ABC and Univision dating and eventually having a baby. Fusion is their love child. It’s also Univision’s first step into the English speaking world.

Highlight of the week?
Researching potential story ideas for when Fusion heads to Brazil for the World Cup in a few days.

Selfie of the day:


Week 1.5 of my internship with Fusion is over and it’s been a blast! I can’t wait to familiarize myself with NewsPort and go to the bathroom or cafeteria without getting lost.


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