Intern File #4: Pimps and Potential Projects

Being in the investigative unit of Fusion is much different from internships I’ve had in the past. Since the network is just starting up (now available nationwide on DISH!), I feel like some of the stories I work on have the potential to shape the future of the channel in some capacity. For instance, Fusion Investigates released its newest documentary Pimp City two weeks ago and I learned so much while researching sex trafficking from Mexico to New York.

stats on sex slavery, fusion, investigative unit, pimp cityDon’t be fooled though, sex trafficking happens all over and affects lots of people annually.
Is your hometown a hub for sex slavery?

fusion, pimps, pimp city, statistics, statsCan you believe John Boehner makes less than a P-I-M-P?

As of late, I’ve been working on pitching story ideas that Fusion may use for future projects. It’s been pretty difficult trying to think of all new ideas, but I’ve been told it’s not simply a matter of knowing what hasn’t been explored but finding a new way to tell an imporant story, even if it’s been told before.

With that in mind, I’ll keep my eyes and ears open for any potential leads and interesting stories. I’ll keep you posted!


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