Thank you card, wedding thank you card, send a thank you card, send a thank you card after your internship


The weeks are winding down and the end is near. Why so cryptic, you ask? Well, besides really wanting to watch The Purge: Anarchy, I have less than three days left at my internship. Le sigh.

Things have been going great at Fusion and I’ve been learning so much! In addition to pitching a story idea (that people loved!) to a room full of producers and senior level personnel, I have a deadline to turn in a project I was assigned for the Investigative Unit. Details to follow soon!

So what should an eager intern do when time’s winding down and they want to leave their mark? Here are a just few suggestions that worked out well for me last summer. Take a look!

1. Buy goodbye/thank you cards

Who doesn’t love considerate gestures? Exactly. With that in mind, buying a pack of thank you cards or goodbye cards will go a long way in showing your appreciation. Per the suggestion of Maritza last year, I bought a “Sorry for your loss” card and wrote on the inside, “of the best intern ever.” Pretty clever, if I do say so myself!

Thank you card, wedding thank you card, send a thank you card, send a thank you card after your internship

Sure it’s a wedding thank you card, but you get the point!

2. Conduct informational interviews

A good way to make sure that people know your name is to conduct an informational interview. They’re great for learning more about a potential career path and getting your name out there. With limited time, however, make sure to plan ahead and reach out to the people that interest you before your internship ends. Just make sure you don’t wait until the last minute when other interns may be trying to do the same thing. Great minds, am I right?

3. Keep in touch!

I feel like I say this a lot but it hasn’t failed me yet! If you really connected with someone or a group of people at your internship, then keep them involved in your life. An email every few months will keep you relevant and connected to where you interned. What should you include in these catch up emails, you may ask? If there was something you worked on or you know someone else did, try looking for articles associated with that topic and then write a quick paragraph on how you’re doing. Ask about their pets, kids or favorite sports teams; whatever it was that you two connected over. Remember, it takes two to keep any relationship alive.

Any other pieces of advice you’d like to offer? Feel free to share in the comments!