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One of the reasons why we started GLAM Life Blog is to introduce you to people who are living marvelous lives. Let’s face it, the day to day isn’t always jam packed with excitement and it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. So what’s the perfect way to get some inspiration, get excited for the week ahead, and give you that little boost of motivation that you’re looking for? Why, by reading the Real Life Glam section of GLAM Life Blog of course!

But what exactly is a marvelous life? Well, according to Webster’s dictionary, marvelous is defined as… haha, jk! Don’t you hate when people do that? Definitions. Lol. Anyway, the first person who we’ve had the great pleasure of interviewing for GLB is Jamila Powell of Social Esquire. Jamila is an attorney by trade, but hasn’t limited herself to the role of just your average attorney (not that being a lawyer is an easy feat)!

Jamila and her pals Daniela Backer and Rochelle Gapere (who are also attorneys) are the founders of Social Esquire. Social Esquire is a boutique marketing company comprised of three dynamic female attorneys who are dedicated to using multiple platforms to provide strategic marketing solutions for companies seeking to expand its target reach.

Read on to find out about Jamila and her path to marvelousness!


jamila powell of social esquire

GLB: Your undergraduate degree from Penn State had an international focus. What made you go that route? Did everything go according to plan with what you wanted to do with it?

JP: Well, yeah. I mean I’ve always had a real love for travelling. When I was 14 or 15 years old I went abroad for a summer to Germany and did an exchange student program. I stayed with a German family and everything! I’ve always been really interested in learning about other cultures and people and I decided that I would go into a business role.

GLB: Yes, I changed majors like a zillion times!

JP: (laughs) Yeah. My dad’s in sales, so I thought I’ll just go into business. I think that when you’re entering undergrad you don’t even really have an idea of what you really want to do. You just pick something. At the time, Penn State was really known for business logistics. It was a new field dealing with everything from procurement to delivery and everything of that nature. So I decided to major in International Business and Business Logistics. I knew I wanted to have a more international component, so I minored in Chinese. My last year in college was actually a year abroad in China.

GLB: Your entire senior year! How was that? Did you experience culture shock at all?

JP: I loved it! I think the one great thing about travelling is that you have to have a certain mindset to fully learn from the experience. I would see a lot of people who would get frustrated but you have to realize that you’re not in America. You’re there to learn about somebody else’s culture. I really loved the entire experience. I love Asia in general. I love to travel there. I’ve gone to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand.

GLB: Wow. You must have an awesome network from your experiences abroad, at Penn State, and in Washington DC while acquiring your JD at George Washington University.  What was the young, black professional scene like in DC?

JP: It was awesome. I love DC! I feel like being a young, African American person in DC is one of the best places to be. Not only are there a lot of opportunities, but you’re also surrounding yourself with a lot of likeminded people. You can’t beat going out, on any night of the week, and meeting people who look and think like you. You can’t beat it. If they had Florida weather in DC I would’ve been gone a long time ago!

GLB: How does Miami compare to DC?

JP: There is a young, black professional scene in Miami. The thing about South Florida, which is what I realized when I moved here, is that there is a lot of differentiation between cultures. There’s the Caribbean scene, and then within the Caribbean scene there’s Jamaican, Trinidadian, Haitian. Then you have Latin and African American scene. And there are also the people who moved here. Everybody’s not playing together and I think that’s what makes Social Esquire so great. You know, I’m African American; Rochelle is Jamaican, and Daniela is Haitian. So basically before we even started the company we had a pretty strong network on our own. So we just bought that network together. We were able to fuse all of that together and create our own young professional scene.

GLB: Do you feel that being so ethnically diverse gives you an advantage with any of the clients that you’ve worked with?

JP: Yes, I think it helps. I also think that because we are attorneys it adds an edge to it. We have so many different aspects that we won’t ever be pigeonholed into representing one type of client. We find the common threads that flow through all people.

GLB: Social Esquire has collaborated with Chevy, Nuvo, Dulce. Who would be your dream colab?

JP: I would probably say Dom Pérignon or Louis Vuitton.

GLB: What aspect of Social Esquire do you enjoy the most? And where do you find time?!

JP: I like the events the most. I’m a Type A, high-stress person. The lead up is very stressful for me, but the actual events, I really enjoy.

GLB: Social Esquire also has another branch called My EmpoWOMENt. Tell me a little bit about it.

JP: My EmpoWOMENt is a women-focused campaign. We raise funds that benefit women and children. There are so many non-profits out there. A lot of them are worthy causes, but some of them are operating on a shoestring budget and they don’t have a lot of staff. They really don’t have time or resources to devote to proper marketing. We use our own personal expertise to host brunches or events that raise money to benefit these organizations.



  • How do you describe your style? Comfortable.
  • What’s the funniest YouTube video(s) you’ve seen recently? Shxt white girls say to black girls & shxt relaxed girls say to black girls.
  • How do you like your eggs? Sunny side up!
  • Fave South Florida places to eat: Brio Tuscan Grille. They have a great happy hour with small plates for 2.95. I also love Prime 112 and my new spot Serendipity 3.

You can follow Jamila on Twitter @J_mils

jamila powell of social esquire
The Ladies of Social Esquire!

And be sure to check out Social Esquire on Twitter and Facebook!

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