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Today’s installment of Real Life Glam features hard-working entertainment publicist and journalist Krystle Coleman! Previously the in-house publicist for indie powerhouse Slip n Slide Records, Krystle is now the owner of her own up-and-coming boutique public relations and lifestyle marketing firm Midori Star Media.

Midori Star Media is a firm that specializes in the execution of effective and influential publicity campaigns while creating benevolence and goodwill for athletes, brands and entertainers. Just a few of her clients include Carmelo Anthony who says “Krystle Coleman is a driven and dedicated publicist, and a truly valuable asset to my team and career, who continues to push me and find nontraditional ways to showcase and improve my brand” and the Miami Dolphins’ Vontae Davis who declares, “Krystle is such a pleasure to work with. Her experience in both the music and the sports industry knows no bounds, allowing her to catapult her clients brand to the next level using her public relations skills.”

We were super excited to be able to chat with Krystle about her Marvelous Life:


GLB: Tell usa little bit about yourself!

KC: Hi, my name is Krystle and I’m a celebrity publicist. I own a boutique PR firm called Midori Star Media that is based in Detroit, Miami, and New York. I went to college in Miami, where I majored in PR with a minor in journalism. I was the senior publicist at Slip n Slide Records after college. I’m 26 years old and I have no kids.

GLB: Why did you start your career in public relations? What drew you to the areas of sports and entertainment?

KC: The funny thing is, I wanted to be a hip hop journalist like Mimi Valdes, so I got an internship once I arrived in Miami. My mentor at the time was like, “I can get you an internship with Def Jam in publicity” and I was able to see the other realms of the industry. I set up interviews with publicists, saw the press releases, and became drawn to that aspect of public relations. Once I went back to school I switched majors and everything fell in tune. PR involves a lot of writing, so they go hand in hand.

When I graduated, I had worked with Vibe, Source, and XXL. Through interacting with Trina, she introduced me to La La Vazquez Anthony and I pitched myself to work with Carmelo Anthony’s record label. I always knew I wanted to be in the entertainment sector and by being involved with sports and entertainment, I’m helping athletes to be known beyond the helmet.

GLB: What’s the greatest opportunity that you’ve gotten so far as a result of the success of your boutique PR firm Midori Star Media? And where did you get such a cool name for it?

KC: To be honest, every day is a great opportunity. I’m faced with new challenges constantly. But I love when I’ve accomplished something and the instant gratification that comes from it. Wow, working in PR has gotten me so much. I went to Arica for a two week missionary trip in Uganda and Rwanda. Football players do it every year with a particular charity, Pro’s for Africa, and it was really, really cool. My client Bryant Mckinnie from the Minnesota Vikings received a lot of PR and was everywhere after the trip.

I named my boutique PR firm Midori Star because green is my favorite color and I went to private school from elementary to high school. While there, we had to learn Japanese and midori means green. I just wanted a chic and polished company with a clean, crisp, and classy name. It’s youthful but still good.

GLB: You’ve worked with so many talented individuals— from media personalities like La La Vazquez Anthony to professional athletes like Ray Edwards. Who has been your favorite person to work with?

KC: I can’t say! To be honest, I love all of my clients. After a while, we become like family. I see clients on holidays. Personalities become intertwined. I really put care and thought into what I do. I will, however, have to say I have a really good relationship with Trina from Slip n Slide. We went out last night!

GLB: You seem to have been the Queen of Internships! What are your suggestions for students who are trying to get them? How can one successfully transition from student intern to employed publicist like you did at Slip n Slide Records?

KC: You just have to always stay thinking. Keep thinking. Don’t stay complacent. I still go to PR workshops. I love what it stands for. I interned for Def Jam during the summer in New York and Slip n Slide during the fall when I was at school. Start the freelance process after college, it’ll provide a source of income. List your services online. Many girls feel that if a large company doesn’t hire them, then they have to go corporate. You don’t need to do that. Think ahead and visit the freelance market until you become more stabilized.

I want to do more panels regarding PR and create a hand book for girls that lets people know that you don’t have to fraternize with your clients in order to be successful. You can be about your money without compromising yourself. Being young and a woman, you have to go the extra mile. My clients and I are strictly professional.

What do you read/do for inspiration? Who inspires you?

KC: My mom and dad inspire me. My mom is in the medical field and my dad is a lawyer. I really admire Beyoncé’s work ethic. I respect Kris Jenner’s hustle. Publicist Kelly Cutrone, too.

GLB: What’s the best/worst part of what you do?

KC: The best part of my job is the satisfaction and gratification I get from the clients. The first time your client goes on Oprah or something. This world is controlled by the mass media, so to be a part of results of that platform is rewarding. It’s not about the parties and vacations; that pat on your back will keep you motivated

The worst part is that since you’re with celebrities, it’s a different dynamic. They’re like kids sometimes, and you may feel like a babysitter. But that’s not even the worse thing because I don’t deal with that a lot. That’s how much I love PR.

GLB: What do you do when you’re not working?

KC: I’m never not working. My texts are from assistants, interns, and clients. I can never turn my phone off. I own my company, so I’m even more involved. Once I get up, I know to reach for my laptop or phone. But I do love karaoke! My friend and I made fun videos on YouTube. I also love shopping and fashion. I love to read magazines, listen to music and hang with friends. Just regular things.

GLB: What’s next for Krystle Coleman? Where do you see your brand in 5, 10, 20 years?

KC: World domination! Midori Star Media is just getting started, so it takes a while to gain momentum. But I would rather crawl to the top than run and fall down. I envision myself as a publicist who will help young women in the field. You don’t need to lie on your back to get respect. I want to create a PR handbook. I also want to brand my boutique company and expand on an international level. But my site will be launched on the final day of summer!


Random Questions!

What’s your television guilty pleasure?

Keeping up with the Kardashians is my total guilty pleasure. I watch that even though I know people hate it.

What’s your biggest fear?

Dying without achieving my goals for my company.

Where’s your favorite place on Earth?

I’ll have to say Paris. There’s an aura when you get there. The food, music, and fashion.

If you could spend an afternoon with anyone, other than the bloggers of GLB, who would it be?

My grandmother, my mom’s mom. She passed away eight years ago. We were really, really close.

 Want to know more? You can find Ms. Coleman‘s Midori Star Media on Twitter as well as Facebook!

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