Let’s talk hair: Dominique Toney

A few weeks ago we featured singer-songwriter Dominique Toney in our Real Life Glam series. And today, her debut album A Love Like Ours drops! One thing we were dying to know about Dominique was her secret to that gorgeous head of hair. Luckily, we asked her about it:

dominique toney

“My hair is natural. I do it once a week. Rarely use shampoo, I mostly co-wash. I always deep condition! That is a must. Then I do a 2-strand twist, a flat twist out, or a rod set. I use a gel called Black and Sassy (found at Sally’s Beauty Supply) and my conditioners range from Aubrey’s Organics to Shea Moisture! I’m also a big fan of Castor Oil. I massage my scalp with it every night and seal my ends with it. Magical stuff!”

Simple enough?

And we leave you with Dominique’s video for “We Are” from A Love Like Ours:

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