My First 48… In Spain!

Soooooo! I’m in Spain! I can successfully say that in my first 48 hours, I’ve had a fantastic time. I was not “taken“, pick-pocketed, or assumed to be a prostitute! (Because, you know, that happens in Spain. Awkward.)

Me in Spain!

Yeah, that’s me. Cute, right? And oh so humble!

Just some fun facts of my time here so far:

  • My host mom is a boss. She owned her own restaurant in Madrid for 20+ years and throws down in the kitchen.
  • I haven’t gotten lost! And that’s no small feat, especially considering that I have a really bad sense of direction. Plus, their metros are confusing.


This may look pretty straight forward to you, but to me it’s a maze. It’s easy for me to get lost anywhere. Even in a straight line. Trust me.

  • Everyone is so chill here. I haven’t seen one person run anywhere or appear upset at anything (Granted, it’s only been two days but still!)
    • Fun fact: The word “cool” in Spain used colloquially sounds like the word “wise.” Ie: Jessica is so wise; I love her.

I actually took an informal tour with a small group of my peers around the surrounding area near my university (all in Spanish, of course). We passed a store called “The American Store” that had tacky flag memorabilia and nothing but carbohydrates inside. Oh, America.

Nonetheless, I’ll be taking ridiculous amounts of pictures while away, so definitely check them out on our Instagram and Tumblr!

It’s pretty glamorous being abroad; I’ll try not to get too big headed. 😉

One more fun fact! I SWEAR I saw Flo Rida on the metro. I wanted to take a picture but that’s, you know, “unacceptable.”



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  1. Wow! Spain?!

    Glad you arrived safely and wasn’t taken. (That’s my favorite movie by the way.) Can’t wait to get out the pictures!

    Enjoy yourself!

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