Natural Hair Styles to Try This Spring!

If you didn’t know, Spring is here! And what does Spring bring with it? Colors. Change. Beauty. Little birds that chirp and land gently on your finger as you sing a song à la Snow White.

Ok, ok, maybe not all that.

But one thing that Spring allows is for us to let down our hair and throw caution to the wind– bye bye protective styles! We can fully embrace the “bigness” that is our natural hair because we all know that this constant battle with humidity is a losing one, at least in South Florida it is. >.<

So, what’s a naturalista in search of a marvelous hairstyle to do? Why, take a look at some Spring styles that we’ve put together of course!

Do it BIG!

Let your hair out and don’t try to tame it. Besides your go to products for moisture, you should just let your hair be. The weather is nice, and you don’t have to worry about it drying out like it did during the harsh Miami winter. ::sarcasm::

Big Natural Hair!

And if you need a little help, we can show you how to go from this:

Maika with a Small Fro and a smile
Little Fro!

To this:

Maika with a Big Fro and a Funny Face! ;)
Bigger Fro!

in a few seconds! 🙂 (Post to come!)

Twist and Shout!

Another style that you can try this Spring is the side ponytail with a twist! YouTuber Naptural85 has a great tutorial to help you achieve this look. You could even switch it up & make it a high ponytail instead.

Naptural85 Twisted Side Ponytail

Add Some Color

You can also spice up your kinky coils by adding a little color. Which color would you try?

brown natural hair

red natural hair

blonde natural hair

Hair Accessories are a Naturalista’s Best Friend

When it comes to accessories, the sky’s the limit! You can add flowers, headbands, bows, whatever your heart desires. You can coordinate with your outfit or use it as a statement piece. What’s your go to accessory?

 natural hair and flower

natural hair and hair bow

natural hair and headband

Which Spring style will you be rocking? 🙂

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