Happy New Year 2015

No Pressure, Okay?

So what if we’re already five days in? Happy, Happy New Year anyway!

Happy New Year 2015

We’re not really into making grand, sweeping declarations (anymore) just because it’s January 1… But it is still a good time to take inventory of your accomplishments and failures and see what lessons can be found in them. After all, an entire planet revolved around a sun. Makes you think, what have you been up to exactly in these past hundreds of days?

Where were we?

Ah, yes. Here are a couple of things we’ve had on our minds:

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Maika: I’m officially an MBA student! I’m proud of what I’ve done since graduating college a few years ago – from starting my own company, to living and working in New York and Atlanta – but I’m excited to see what more I can learn in the classroom.

Maritza: I’m happy with my progress in school but with only a semester to go, I really want to take advantage of being in Los Angeles. Hopefully I’ll do better juggling my classes and hiking, or whatever it is those kooky Angelenos do on their time off.

Jessica: I didn’t get much of a break before grad school (three months!) but I like the momentum of getting everything out of the way now. And then, hello world – a particularly fitting sentiment after taking a beast of a coding class this semester.

Lydi’Ann: Okay guys, not to brag or anything but I have absolutely killed college so far. I can’t wait until I transfer after this semester and take my talents elsewhere. I like a challenge and I plan to work hard on my writing skills.

Clearly we’ve got school on the brain. What are you looking forward to this year?

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