OOTD: Hats and Self-timers

I’ve been meaning to post this for quite some time now.  I don’t even remember where I was going when I took these pictures. lol I do remember that no one wanted to take pictures of me, so I had to take matters into my own hands! That’s where the self-timer came in handy. I’ve been having fun playing around with this camera, seeing what it can and can’t do. For instance, the self-timer setting is super convenient, but doesn’t make for the best of pictures. Good to know for future reference. These are just some shots of me playing around, showing off my outfit. If you follow GLAM Life Blog on Instagram, you’ve already seen pictures of Ginger, aka The Ging, aka the best dog ever! She decided that she just had to be petted in the midst of my little shoot. haha. Anyway, it’s super late and I should probably go to sleep. I’ll stop writing before I say anything incriminating so that I can go to bed. 😉

OOTD, Hats, Cut-off shorts

I seem to have a phobia of my hat coming off!

OOTD, Hats, Cut-off shorts

Hat: H&M || My Trusty Earrings: Forever 21 — I wear these allllll the time || Shirt: Forever 21|| Shorts: Calvin Klein, thrifted, same as here — oh the joys of sharing with your sisters! || Tights: CVS || Flats: Macy’s courtesy of Maritza 🙂

OOTD, Hats, Cut-off shorts

I love my Gingamama! FYI, she has a gajillion nicknames lol

OOTD, Hats, Cut-off shorts

Excuse my satin bonnet peeking out from underneath the hat, def thought I tucked that sucker in! I hate how the hat feels against my hair/scalp so that’s why I wear it. Still love this picture though! 🙂

OOTD, Hats, Cut-off shorts

Peace peeps!

<3 Maika

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    1. Hi Kiwi! Thanks for all the BLM love; I appreciate it!! And yes, I do like to have fun — I’d go crazy if I couldn’t! lol 😉 ~ma

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