Empire Girls

Empire Girls - Julissa & Adrienne

Who would’ve thought that The Style Network would have the most positive reality shows on television? I really enjoy their line up and how it excludes the hair pulling, drink throwing, name calling, face-scratching, drive by-ing, and overall negativity of typical reality […]

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5 YouTubers That You’ll Love!


So, I’m really lazy and I haven’t created a personal Youtube account because it seems like such a huge commitment in my head for some reason, plus I didn’t want to have to remember another password  …I’m lazy. It’s pretty funny actually […]

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Pinterest Inspired – Work Out!

work out, pinterest

Recently, I’ve been eating like a complete monster. And it hasn’t been cute. My will power against sweets, especially chocolate, is virtually nonexistent. One day as I was effectively using my time browsing around Pinterest (ha!), I came across a pin that has […]

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