Priya Scroggins of Beloved Star

During all of the Miami Swim Week festivities, GLAM Life Blog got the opportunity to interview resort wear designer Priya Scroggins of Beloved Star at the W Hotel’s Salon Allure. The new collection features a gorgeous variety of tunics, kaftans, and silk dhoti pants in lavish colors and prints. There are tons of pieces that the beach bound fashionista will undoubtedly fall for. Read on to find out more about this well-traveled, renaissance woman in this special edition of Real Life GLAM!

Priya Scroggins, Beloved Star


GLB: Tell us about yourself!

PS: I designed a line of cover ups called Beloved Star. Beloved Star is the meaning of my name, Priya Tara, in Sanskrit. I started in this business as a buyer for my online boutique, The concept behind the online boutique is to help women find bathing suits for their body types. They’re able to streamline the online shopping experience with videos and expert advice that help guide the shopper to purchase pieces that are complimentary to their physique.

GLB: When and why did you begin designing your own line of clothing?

PS: I started Beloved Star because I felt like their needed to be beautiful cover ups with vibrant colors and prints at a decent price point. My line is special because I have a really good eye for unique designs and I go to India and handpick all of the fabric and embroidery myself. The quality is amazing!

Christy Powers wearing Beloved Star, models, beloved star, priya scroggins

Model Christina Marie Powers wearing Beloved Star

GLB: You’ve traveled extensively. Which country has impacted your collection the most?

PS: Of course India because that’s where I source the fabric and embroidery from and I’m also half Indian. But I’ve been all over the world and when I talk about places being an inspiration to me, I’m speaking specifically about the women in all of those places. Some of them are glamorous and look amazing in their bathing suits and cover ups, but there are more who don’t understand their bodies, or know what works for them. What I like about this collection is that it’s very feminine and falls so lovely on the hips and breasts. Just enough to give you that “sexy, but still classy” cover up. I would have to say that my favorite part of the world right now is Italy, the Italian Riviera.

GLB: As a New Yorker, how would say Miami’s style compares to that of the City’s?

PS: Miami has really great style, very unique, very sexy. New Yorkers can be a lot more creative and trendy. I think in Miami showing skin is in. You’re on the beach with a different backdrop. In New York you run the gamut in terms of fashion. I like coming to Miami because I’m in the resort business and I’m always getting inspired by the women here and their great bodies. This collection has so many styles that can fit different types of women. There are rompers, harem pants, tunics, dresses. Women from all over (NY, LA, Miami) can wear this collection. When you go through the collection there are some pieces that look so LA, while others are very Miami or Hamptons. It was important for me to cover all these places and reflect the unique styles of the women in each location in my collection.

Beloved Star, Beloved Star cover ups, cover ups, beachware, colorful cover ups

Beloved Star

GLB: How would you describe your personal style?

PS: My personal style is very eclectic. I like to look well put together and well accessorized. To me, accessories are more important than anything because they can really make an outfit. I love great handbags, great jewelry. I have Indian bangles that I wear to bed, even to shower! They only come off at the gym because they make too much noise. I’m a big time accessories person: shoes, bags, even scarves. I think that my style is a little translated in this line because I love, love, love color. I really gravated towards colors, prints, and embroidery. I think if you’re going to use your money somewhere, use it on accessories because they’ll give you more longevity. Oh! And I looove makeup.

GLB: What would you say is your greatest accomplishment to date?

PS: This! My collection is definitely my baby. My online boutique is also a great accomplishment because it helps women a lot. My dream is to open an actual boutique somewhere like Miami where the swim industry is consistent more months out of the year than any other location in the US. It’s the gateway to all of the Caribbean, Mexico, and Central America. Miami is a good place to start an actual brick and mortar.

GLB: Who do you look to for inspiration?

PS: My father is an artist and a sculptor so that creative gene is already so innate. My mother is also extremely creative and has a great eye; her specialty is home decor. Being around two really creative people my whole life and seeing how they express their creativity kind of translated to me. I would also say any other woman of color who is a designer and able to transcend being just a “Black designer” or “Latina designer” and have women who are not only women of color wear their clothes. Rachel Roy is a great example of this. It’s such a global market place that we’re all just designers at the end of it all.

Beloved Star, Priya Scroggins, beachware, cover ups, coverups

Beloved Star

GLB: What are your 5 summer must-have accessories?


  1. Definitely something neon: shoes, bag, accessories.
  2. A great fitting bikini or bathing suit that compliments you in all your femininity.
  3. A consistent, refreshing cocktail when you go out that you can get wherever you go. (Mine is a Ketel One Vodka Martini with fresh lime juice, really cold. Shaken, not stirred, like James Bond.)
  4. Shades.
  5. A cover up, of course!


Don’t forget to check out Priya on her website, Facebook, and Twitter! 🙂

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