Protective Styling: Turbans! (Day 1)

Ok. I have to admit. I never thought that I would rock a turban. I wouldn’t say that it’s not my style, but it’s not exactly something that I’ve dreamed about longingly either. That was until a few days ago when I happened across this video on YouTube by  (She only has one video, boo.)



Isn’t the end product so cute??? So! Because I’m very inspired (which is an AWESOME feeling), I have decided to create a mini-challenge for myself…………………..

I am going to wear a turban, in a different way, for 3 days. And underneath I will have my hair in hideously unattractive twists. I pray that it doesn’t fall off.


Turban, Protective Style, Twists, Natural Hair
I look kind of mean in this pic, but I’m really a nice person! Lol. I was tired.


I went to work with this on my head today. I personally think that it looked a little crazy by the end of the day because it loosened. (Note to self: find a safety pin! ) Maybe I’m just not used to it? But I’m determined to see this challenge to the end; my hair needs the break.

Natural or not: Would you rock a turban? 

Side note: I completely just realized that my turban looks like hers. haha


<3 Maika

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