Protective Styling: Headwraps! (Day 2)

Day 2 of my week of headwraps wearing was inspired by . She is AWESOME and definitely knows her stuff.



After watching denimpixie’s vid, I decided that I wasn’t going to wear 2 headwraps. It is too hot for that in Miami. And Day 1 of my headwrap wearing left my head very sweaty indeed. Instead, I grabbed by knit cap (naturalista staple), folded it in half and put it on the top my head. Then, I took my scarf and wrapped it the same way that denimpixie tied her second scarf.

My scarf was a little too short so I couldn’t twist it to the front like she did. So that’s why I tied it into a little circle thingy. It ran the risk of looking a little unicornish but it came out ok. 🙂

What do you think?


Yes… This is a bathroom pic…. haha


I put 2 hairpins on the sides because I definitely felt like this headwrap could fall off since it was not cottony like my scarf from Day 1. My hair isn’t long enough to have twists pulled to the side like denimpixie’s so I just made a mini pompadour.

Underneath, the rest of my hair was still in the hideously unattractive twists and I had on my satin bonnet… because cotton on my hair just “isn’t a part of my lifestyle.” lol (Shout out to AShotofJenn’s Shxt Natural Girls Say! I just don’t get tired of these shxt people say videos!)

I have to admit, the back of my head looked a little flat because of my twists. Lydi’Ann, my little sis, made lots of fun of me for it. I’ll remember to add something back there for the next time. 🙂

<3 Maika

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