Protective Styling: Headwraps! (Day 4)

Yes, you read correctly. Day 4. Day 3 consisted of me wearing my knit beanie-bonnet-cap. I tried to tie my headwrap in a gajillion different ways and it refused to cooperate, so I gave up. (Yeah, yeah, quitters never prosper. bleh.) At least it was still a protective style, right? Anyway, for Day 4 I tried to tie my headwrap into a bow like  does in this video:



In the video, iknowlee mentions that the scarf that she is using is made of some stiff cloth leftover from an African dress that she wore for a wedding. I didn’t give that too much thought until I tried to tie my very not stiff cloth into a bow… and it kept flopping all over the place. Not cute. It looked like a wilted flower 🙁

I had already taken down my hideously unattractive twists, and I lightly sprayed my hair with water. Ok… Maybe not so “lightly” because my hair shrank. So, I just used the scarf that I had and tied it into what I will call my “Makeshift Daisy Chain Headpiece”.


Makeshift Daisy Chain Headpiece, Turban, Natural Hair

Here’s a top view:

Makeshift Daisy Chain Headpiece

So what do you think? Would you tie your scarf this way? Yes? No? Never? Only on Tuesdays?

Yay for mini-challenges!

<3 Maika


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