[RECAP] ILY Beauty Co’s Beauties Who Brunch

This past weekend, I was invited to ILY Beauty Co’s Beauties Who Brunch event at the Catalina Hotel and Beach Club. I got to meet and network with some of South Florida’s leading ladies all while sipping mimosas. It was definitely a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon :)! Shana and Makeda were great hostesses and opened up the floor for everyone to speak about their natural hair journeys. As each person shared her story, I couldn’t help but think that these are the kinds of conversations that we need to be having. The ability to speak openly in an environment with like-minded women is absolutely amazing and I appreciate being in the company of such ambitious and empowering go-getters. Call me cheesy, but it is what it is! lol. Check out a few pictures from the event below and head over to ILY Beauty Co’s Facebook page to view some more!

ILY Beauty Co Products! <3

(Image via ILY Beauty Co’s Facebook)

Mmmm mimosas and brunch.

Me and Shana Green, CEO of ILY

Free samples from the goodie bag and a delicious cake pop!


*ILY Beauty Co is a 100% natural, gluten-free, vegan hair and skin product line for all skin and hair types. Their products range from $8 – $26 and with every purchase, a donation is made to charity. How awesome is that? A review is coming soon so keep an eye out for it! 😉

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