Sarodj Bertin

Today we present to you Sarodj Bertin: actress, model, ambassador, lawyer, former Miss Haiti Universe, and wonder woman extraordinaire! P.S. Check out the winner of our summer giveaway here (scroll to the bottom)!

Sarodj Bertin

GLB: You won Miss Haiti Universe 2010 and more recently gained the title of Hispanoamerican Queen 2012. What initially attracted you to the world of pageantry?

SB: I’ve always enjoyed watching beauty queens on TV and I’ve always wanted to see Haiti represented in those international beauty pageants, because I truly believe that it’s a great platform to promote my beloved Haiti and its culture. Representing my country has been such a great honor. I feel very blessed for this opportunity that has made big changes in my life.

Sarodj Bertin

GLB: You were one of the most visible faces of Haiti immediately after the earthquake because of Miss Universe.  You’ve been named a Goodwill Ambassador in Haiti, joining the likes of Angelina Jolie, Shakira and Bono. You even run your own non-profit, Sarodj for a Purpose. What do you think young Haitian-Americans can do to help and truly make a difference for our people?

SB: I believe that in any field that you work there’s always something you can do to give back to your society and to your country. I believe in Haiti. I believe in Haitians. I know we are hard workers, very supportive and caring. My advice to the young Haitian-American is to not forget where they come from and promote the beauties of our culture; if the world knows the treasure that Haiti is, people will be more interested in it, our economy will work, and development will grow.

Sarodj Bertin

GLB: You’ve done so much in your life and wear many hats. What accomplishment are you most proud of? Do you have any upcoming projects?

SB: I’m proud of everything that I have done… And I have many more things left to do! I believe that everything you do in your life has a big influence on who you are today. Right now I’m still working on building a technical-professional school for orphans in Haiti. I just finished filming another movie name One Night in Vegas, and I’m also working on a summer camp program for girls in Haiti… I feel very passionate for all the things I’m doing, and I put my heart in each one of them.

Sarodj Bertin

GLB: We are all too aware of the issues facing our Haiti but we often overlook its great treasures. What are some of your favorite things about Haiti? What makes the country beautiful?

SB: Without any doubt I must say that the most beautiful things are our people, our spirit, our culture and, of course, our rich nature… Our beaches, mountains, waterfalls… They are just breathtaking.

GLB: What is one tip that you would give anyone to live a marvelous life?

SB: Be what you want to be. Fight for what you believe, and never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something.

Sarodj Bertin

Want to learn more? Check out Sarodj’s Twitter, Facebook, and foundation website!

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