Smoothies over Milkshakes and Other Healthy Food Alternatives

I . Love. Junk food. There. I said it. I could spend all day telling you how moist, rich chocolate cake trumps hard candy everyday, but I won’t. And while I know that it isn’t reasonable to eat either kind of food every time I have a craving for it, sometimes it’s hard for me to  always choose healthier options. Darn you little devil on my left shoulder.

So, to help myself (and YOU), I’ve decided to list some healthy food alternatives that won’t completely make you feel like you’re eating hospital food. And trust me, I won’t be telling you sacrilegious things like “rice cakes are totally like cupcakes!” Blasphemy.

I can’t promise that these suggestions will give you the same satisfaction as a greasy burger and fries could but think about the good you’re doing to your body. Imagine all those lovely nutrients that you’re absorbing when you eat a nice piece of broccoli instead! That should be reward enough, right?

Salty, Crunchy, and Wonderful

Healthy Alternatives to the Crap You Really Want to Eat

Potato chips – nothing tastes as good as that crunchy goodness feels when you’re chewing a big handful.
Popcorn – season them with a little salt and cayenne pepper and I think you’ve got yourself a party!

Cold, Soft, and Delicious

Healthy Alternatives to the Crap You Really Want to Eat
Ice Cream – ice cream is my most absolute favorite food in the world. It’s hard to say no to unless…

Frozen Yogurt – just remember to not go toppings crazy and defeat the entire purpose of eating fro-yo in the first place…
Not that I know anything about that.

White, Filling, and Carb-y

Healthy Alternatives to the Crap You Really Want to Eat
Spaghetti – ah spaghetti. My go-to I’m broke/hungry/tired college meal. We’ve had good times together.
Spaghetti Squash – my life was changed after my old roommate told me about this. I’d venture out and say that it’s just as filling as spaghetti. Resembling the “real thing” so much brings you on board with this dish.

Sweet, Smooth, and Delectable

Healthy Alternatives to the Crap You Really Want to Eat
Milkshake – sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a super sweet, milky milkshake.
Smoothie – the fruit and vegetable combinations are endless!
And I don’t know why, but I’m much more receptive to trying a spinach smoothie over a spinach milkshake.

Hot, Crunchy, and Amazing

Healthy Alternatives to the Crap You Really Want to Eat
French Fries – is there anything better than a perfectly fried, greasy French fry? When you figure it out, let me know.
Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries – I’m incapable of making these things properly but I won’t stop trying until I get it right.
They’re the perfect combination of sweet and savory plus their antioxidants makes them a better option than white potatoes.

There you have it.  Five healthy food suggestions to fill you up. If you’re lucky enough to be able to afford something more than ramen, then choose to be healthy. I’m not saying to never indulge (that would be the most hypocritical statement ever) but the next time you’re craving something not so good for you, see what happens when you substitute it with something nicer to your body. You’ll find that you probably survived!

rawr, Maritza


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