Spring List: Good things come in threes

Though spring technically began on March 20, winter has simply been unwilling to loosen its grips on the weather. I’ve been interning with NBC in New York this semester (surprise!) and while I’m learning a lot and excited to be in the Big Apple, the Concrete Jungle where-dreams-are-made-of, The City – you get it – I have absolutely hated the weather. The polar vortex was not just an obnoxious term made up by meteorologists. It was real.

But that’s over now! Because this morning, I checked the weather and saw this on the horizon:

 new york weather ny weather forecast

You might look at that and say… Maritza… it’ll still be in the 30’s on some days. And you would be correct. But this weather forecast is a huge improvement from the freezing temperatures, blizzards, and general awfulness that us Northerners (ha) have faced. Trust me. I’ll even take the rain.

Besides, I’ll be home in Miami soon and complaining about how hot it is in no time:

Miami weather MIA weather

Until that time comes, I’ve decided to share a quick list of three things I can’t wait to make use of this spring.

A quintessential spring dress.
You have no clue how long I’ve been pining over a shift dress. I haven’t been doing much shopping lately and this weekend, I finally decided to use the Lulus’s gift card I got in my awesome swag bag from the Style Bloggers of Color Conference we spoke at months ago.

spring dress, lulus, lulus shift dress

The dress was already on sale and combined with the gift card, I spent under $25 – cha-ching! Did I really just say that?

Sunglasses I don’t look crazy wearing.
I have a round face. Sometimes, I appreciate it’s curved, cherubic quality… but other times, I wonder how the heck I was born without any corners on my head. I don’t follow every fashion/beauty “tip” out there but I do find that wearing certain glasses actually helps elongate my ball-shaped face. There are plenty of options but I’m currently on the hunt for some cute cat-eyed sunnies like the ones Kourtney Kardashian has been spotted in. But, you know, the broke 23-year-old versions.

sunglasses, sunnies kourtney kardashian sun glasses, kourtney kardashian cat-eye sunglasses

1, 2, 3, 4

Simple yet bold nails.
When I was in middle school, I used to wear flesh-colored nail polish. I would switch up the shade from a medium-dark brown all the way to a sparkly gold if I was feeling particularly sassy – but I stuck to those earth tones as if they sponsored me. These days, my nails are usually bare because I can always find something I rather do than my nails. I hate the smell and my nails chip just by staring at them. I just can’t be bothered.

Until now.

nail polish, nail polish on black skin, electric nail polish mint nail polish

1, 2, 3

Why you ask? Well, sometimes I’m super basic and will try something just because my favorite celeb tells me to! And when Mindy Kaling partners with Bliss to launch a limited-edition mindy-cure, I’ve got to try it. I’m kind of leaning toward the electric mint.

Looking forward to anything this spring? Tell me, tell me!


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