The Republican National Convention from the Rearview

It’s official! Donald Trump and Mike Pence are now the Republican Party’s ticket to run for the White House.

The Republican National Convention was a week of exciting political theatre. One of my favorite things to do is read reactions to the biggest moments. Here are some of the most interesting stories I’ve come across:

New York Times | ‘Black Twitter’ Criticizes Melania Trump on Convention Speech by Yamiche Alcindor

It was the paragraph heard round the world… in 2008. In one moment, media pundits were heralding Melania Trump’s first real extended foray into the political arena as a bright success in a night of ho-hum speakers that reveled more in the thought of indicting Hillary Clinton than celebrating their party’s nominee. The conversation took a turn when journalist Jarrett Hill mentioned a phrase of the well-received speech sounded a bit familiar to something he’d heard before.

His tweet went viral and soon everyone was contributing to #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes with tongue-in-cheek maxims of their own. The New York Times’ Yamiche Alcindor rounded a some of them together in this article explaining the controversy.


For the record, the campaign had a few responses to the dispute but eventually settled on offering up an apology by the speechwriter.

Buzzfeed | How the Haters and Losers Lost by the McKay Coppins

Once upon a time, a BuzzFeed political journalist went on the “fake campaign trail” with Donald Trump and empathetically declared that the business mogul was never going to run for president. It was a promise that slithered its way into the cultural conversation every three to four years with no resolve… Things weren’t going to change, right? The Donald did not like the article. At all. McKay Coppins, the writer who even impishly bet a year’s salary on Trump not running, soon discovered that he wasn’t the first “hater” who sold Trump short. No, there were many of them – starting as far back as the “losers” who didn’t think a boy from the boroughs could take Manhattan. A fascinating origin story worth reading to the end.


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“I’ve seen it time and time again, that look in his eyes when someone says it can’t be done,” said Donald Trump Jr. “I saw that look a little over a year ago when he was told he couldn’t possibly succeed in politics. Yes, he did.”

New Yorker | The R.N.C. on TV: The Ted Wedding by Emily Nussbaum

Emily Nussbaum is an amazing television critic – with a 2016 Pulitzer to prove it. I’ve loved her nuanced takes on everything from “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” to “Scandal.” I was ridiculously pleased to find out that she was recapping the convention each night. Check out her dispatch on Thursday night’s extravaganza for the title alone: “The Ted Wedding.”

As an aside, Ted Cruz rocked the week by refusing to endorse Donald Trump and instead choosing to encourage Republicans to vote with their “conscience.” Who would’ve thought that someone would want to humiliate the man who heavily implied his father helped kill a president, called his wife ugly, and repeatedly called him liar? Ah, yes. Everyone. There was a point of contention in Cruz speaking at the convention at all if he wasn’t going to support the nominee. After all, John Kasich didn’t endorse Trump either and stayed away. But Cruz decided revenge is a drink best served in person in front of millions of people who will boo you for it after.

Can’t get enough? Don’t fret – the Democratic National Convention starts next week.


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