Spring-cleaning, TED, and You

spring, meadow, Spring-cleaning

As of March 20th, spring is officially here! And you know what that means. Spring-cleaning. flowers, sunshine, #positivevibes But I’m not just talking about rummaging through old clothes that’ll never see the light of day again and giving them to […]

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No Pressure, Okay?

Happy New Year 2015

So what if we’re already five days in? Happy, Happy New Year anyway! We’re not really into making grand, sweeping declarations (anymore) just because it’s January 1… But it is still a good time to take inventory of your accomplishments and […]

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You can find me in a book

book, i love books

One of our favorite go-to stories to tell of childhood isn’t really a story but more of a lifestyle description. When we were growing up, The Parents wouldn’t allow us to watch television on school days. That might sound like […]

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What Are You Thankful For?

What Are You Thankful For?, Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving meal, thanksgiving turkey and wine, thanksgiving by the fire place

Thanksgiving is tomorrow and rather than focus on superficial matters, like the fiasco that is Black Friday (or Thursday if you’re one of those people), we want to highlight the amazing things that you might be grateful for this year. Family […]

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