New York Break

New York Break, drinks at The Flue in Manhattan, The Flute in Manhattan, bellini at the Flute in Manhattan, The Flute speakeasy, speakeasy in New York

Hey everyone! For the past few weeks I’ve been hanging with family in New York City. There are more than a few differences between the Magic City and the Big Apple, but I’ve loved every minute of exploring and experiencing […]

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Street Style: Spain & Sass

Street Style: Spain & Sass, Street Style, Spain, Sass, Art, Spanish Art

Hola, party people! I have been in Madrid for over one month, which now makes me an official madrileña (except not at all, haha). I’m fairly certain that I’m still in the honeymoon phase of being away, but can you […]

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Sightseeing in Spain

Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain

Bienvenidos from España, party people! Since I’ve been in Spain for over two weeks now, I’m pretty sure I’m an expert in just about everything (Yeah, right lol). After a couple of days of introductory courses and placement exams, I […]

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